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Wednesday, November 19

MomDot Christmas of Dreams Day 6

MomDot Christmas of Dreams Blog Party is hosting a party for the next few weeks. Its so easy to get caught up in our own blogs, that sometimes we need to find a way to interact amongst each other.

Sponsors: Day Five Blog Party Question is Brought to you by Flying Colors Baby, Uncommonly Cute and Lollipop Book Club.

We would like to know what is your favorite holiday memory from your childhood.

I have two. :)

#1 I don't remember how old I was, but I was young, still in elementary school, and my parents were still together. My sister and I had the rooms upstairs and my brother had the room across from my parents on the main floor. The tree was on the main floor as well, so on Christmas morning, dad would carry by brother, with his eyes covered, by the living room and to the stairs that let to the top floor. The stairs were located in between the kitchen and the living room, so it was a perfect spot to wait. Mom and Dad would make muffins for breakfast and we would eat as fast as we can. Finally when we finished, we were allowed to walk into the living room to see what Santa had brought.
This particular year, when we walked down, I found a big cruise ship for my Barbies. I can't remember the exact name, but from one side you could see the outside of the ship and the other, all of the rooms. It was probably 3x3feet in size and I LOVED it!! I kept that thing much longer than even my barbies and well into my teens. :)

#2 Every year, my dad would take two of us kiddos out to buy a gift for the third one. This would teach us the gift of giving and the joy of watching the other open their gift. Anyway, I love Garfield, and my sister knew this so she had convinced my brother to buy a kit that she would sew and then put in a picture frame. And what made this gift extra special, is that she did spend her extra time sewing it together, for me. That just struck at my heart, and I still have it!!


Staci said...

What sweet memories! I'm sure it was hard to wait until breakfast was over to see your presents!

Momstart said...

That is really sweet