My familia!

Thursday, February 28

Thursday Thirteen 19

Thirteen things that I should be doing right now instead of jotting down this blog...

1. Laundry - Seems like it never gets done
2. Iron Brent's shirts for work
3. Scrapbook Challenge that is due Saturday
4. Paying bills
5. Exercising - always coming up with excuses not to do this :)
6. Walking the dog
7. Reading to my son
8. Organizing the fridge out
9. Getting dinner started
10. Dishes
11. Talking with my daughter
12. Writing thank you cards
13. Cuddling my kiddos!!

Happy TT!!

Sunday, February 24


I made it!! Woohoo!! I entered a challenge in one of my Myspace groups, Scrapbooking and Card Making, and it's a Survivor type challenge. Every week there is a specific challenge thrown at us and we have to make a layout accordingly. Pages need to be posted by Saturday night and voting is on Sunday's. Week One Challenge was to make a layout using 10 metal embellishments.

So it took me all week to come up with an idea. And since I am trying to gather stuff to 'try-out' for a design team, I decided to make a ME page. Side note - I HATE scrapping pages with me in of the big reasons that I even thought about scrapping in the first place was so that I could pick out the pictures that would go into the book for family to see - end side note.

So anyway, there were 16 gals that signed up, and we are only running for eight weeks with three being eliminated in the first week. Unfortunately, only thirteen gals got their posts up in time. This means that there will be no eliminations for the first week and the 13 gals that posted will all move on. So I made it by!!! Yeah!!

I was soo scared that I was going to be one of the first off, because these women are so fantastic with their pages. But I'm still standing..for one more week at least. LOL... Here is the page that I completed. TFL!

Wednesday, February 20

Thursday Thirteen 18

Thirteen jobs that I have right now!

1. Mother - The most rewarding job!!

2. Wife

3. Friend - Having a pre-teen in the house, this was very important to become!

4. Daycare Provider - The only job that I collect money for :-)

5. Teacher

6. Soccer Mom

7. Kool-aid Mom

8. Grocery Shopper

9. House cleaner

10. Laundry washer

11. Disciplinarian

12. Plant Waterer

13. Best Friend (Thanks hunny!)

Wake up!!

A friend posted this on her site a couple months back and I just found it on yet another blog, so I thought that I would follow suite and post it here for you to enjoy as well...!!

At our house, this cat is named Wonka...

Sunday, February 17

Santa Came!!!

Rewind almost 2 months ago to Christmas wake up to find a note from Santa apologizing for the fact that the "Santa gift" (a Wii) would not be here to enjoy. Instead, he had his elves working overtime to get one in top condition and sent to us immediately! Immediately turned out to be this weekend!! Yeah~

The fact is...anytime a Wii came into one of the stores, they were sold out within hours. It has taken us this long to get the timing right and be there when the truck would show up. But we finally got a Wii for the kids!!!

Friday, February 15

Stop the bus, I want to get off!

It's going around. Everyone is getting sick. Fever, cough, congestion, aches and pains. And it's only a matter of time before we all come down with some sort of version of the cold. Well... I ended up with Bronchitis. :(

The medicine they gave me has taken away most of the symptoms, but the side effects are crazy weird. My hands are shaking, eyes are on constant refocus, and I cannot stay standing for more than 2 minutes without getting nauseas. I look around the room, and it takes a few seconds before the room catches up. It's like I am constantly tipsy without the booze.

And the double whammy...I have no taste buds or sense of smell. And on Valentine's Day!!!!! I can eat the chocolate, but without the taste, what's the point??!!

Wednesday, February 13

Thursday Thirteen 17

Thirteen Things I adore about my Husband

13. He texts me in the middle of the day just to say he loves me!

12. Even though he doesn't like to buy flowers because they die after just a few days...he does anyway, because it makes me smile.

11. The way he purposed!!

10. When we are sitting on the couch, he will lean over and rub my back.

9. How he looks at me.

8. His kisses.

7. He completed our family.

6. He would never admit it...but he loves to watch sappy movies with me!!

5. When I am away for the weekend, he sends me pictures via cell phone so that I do not get homesick.

4. He believes in me and supports me in what I do.

3. He's Old fashioned. He still opens the car door for me!!

2. His first word ever to me....
Him - "Do you wear contacts?"


Him-"Your eyes are amazing!!"

1. Out of the many women out there...he picked me!!

I love you BD!!

Sunday, February 10


Hello! My name is Christina (or Nina for those that have known me for some time). I am a married mommie of two...sometimes four...well maybe seven...I guess if you add my would be mommie of eight. My husband had two kids, Amanda and Tyler from his first marriage..I had Taylor and we had Bayle together. His, mine, and ours!

I am what you would call a scrapaholic. I have been scrapping for about 9 years. I got into it through my sister and and step-mother and have been addicted ever since! I finally have my own little space where I can branch out and not have to put everything away when I take a break. Yeah!!!!

I am continuing this blog from my myspace mostly because I cannot link certain sites...blah. But I am also following in in sister scrappers look around and enjoy!!