My familia!

Friday, August 29

First time project

I watch the Carol Duvall show almost every day and they always have these ladies that come onto the show with extravagant projects using Polymer Clay. So I thought that I would give it a whirl. And even though my outcome is no where near what some others could it is!

I made Tic-Tac-Toe boards with game pieces. One for Bayle - orange and black for OSU (I am a Sooner fan myself, but could not make crimson red), one for Jacey, my nephew - orange and blue for Broncos, and then one for Vivian, one of the little girls that I watch. For her, I tried to make flowers...first try, the next ones will look better. :)

Thursday, August 28

Thursday Thirteen 26

Thirteen Reasons why I Scrapbook

1. To keep a family album
2. To document our family history
3. So that the kids will remember
4. So that they can tell their children
5. It is my creative outlet
6. Scrapbook supplies are cheaper than shoes
7. I get to hide away for hours at a time with no distractions
8. Twice a year I leave on a 'Vacation' for the weekend to a scrapbook retreat
9. It's time that I get to talk with adults
10. When I am scrapbooking, I am not thinking about food. No snacking, and that is always great for the diet!!
11. I can network online with other scrapbookers
12. Challenges
13. And my kids want to come in and help create their pages for their books.

Happy TT!!

Wednesday, August 27

Christmas in July

I am a freak when it comes to carpet know, the marks that the wheels make when you are sweeping the carpets...I LOVE them. I got this from my mother who would demand that there be marks when she got home from work. And I do agree...they just make the room look more organized and 'finished' than it really is!

So for years, we have bought $100 Sweepers, and invested in a nice steam cleaner. Kind of defeats the purpose, I know...but I was saving up for a Dyson. And I finally got one. This past July, my husband announces, after the current sweeper fails to do it's job again, that we were leaving to go shopping for another one. I thought it was going to be just the same 'ol sweeper type again, but we came home with a beautiful purple Dyson!!! One of the first models, but after one sweep through the house, I was amazed at how much it picked up *grossed out really*. And....drum role please.....

It already puffs up the carpet enough to show

Ahh....this is heaven! :)

Tuesday, August 26

How the years have flown...

A couple of months ago, we went to a co-workers wedding, and as we were outside waiting for the bride and groom to come out, we talked with a few of the other guests. One of them happened to be the husband of the photographer. And as his wife came down the stairs, she snapped a few extra shots of the guests. Today, Brent emails me this picture from that day:

This is my oldest daughter Taylor and she looks absolutely amazing. She is only 12, And this got me looking in some of our older pictures, and seeing the maturity grow in her eyes throughout the years.

I had her when I was only 20, and she helped me grow up. It was just her and I for almost 4 years. She taught me responsibility and love that I had not felt from anyone. She was mine and I was hers. No matter what went on around us, in the end it was just us.

She is my girly girl. She loves to dance, and is an amazing singer (she did not get her voice from me). She is outgoing, loves to perform, and be in front of a crowd (THAT she got from me!)

She is at that age where boys are a factor in how she looks before she leaves for school. She is wanting to wear make-up and color her hair. She is asking more 'adult' questions about life. She amazes me everyday.

I am so very lucky to have had her. She has made me smile, cry, and feel like I was needed. I cannot see where my life would have lead without her, but I know that she has made me who I am today.

I love you Bear!

Monday, August 25

"Just one look and I can hear a bell ring"

This last weekend, I took the two girls to see Mama Mia! And it was soo much better than I thought it would be. I cried, I laughed, the stranger lady sitting next to me and I sang together. :) It is a couple weeks into the showings and still the theater was packed.

For those that might not know, the movie is a Broadway show turned into a movie using the ABBA record from 1992 (ABBA Gold).

I first found my love for ABBA in 1994 during Winterguard practice. Our instructor used it for stretches and lines (which is running across the floor and doing sa'shes and split leaps). I ran out and bought the CD and it was memorized that first week. I would play it in the car to wake me up, or just something to get Taylor dancing in the back seat. So as you can guess, Taylor enjoyed the movie too!!

And from what I understand, all of the actors sang the songs themselves and they did an amazing job! The bonus was Pierce Bronson in a sequence jumpsuit!!!! That alone is a reason to see it twice. So if you have yet to see it, and are familiar with the music, take a girlfriend and make a night of it!

Long time no blog...

Wow...I cannot believe that it has been a month since I have gotten on here.

We have been so dang busy this month. School has started, football, soccer, and cheer leading practices, car broke down, family stuff...all got in the way of me getting a few minutes to jot down things. I was able to get a few pages done last weekend though, but my sister borrowed the USB connection for me to upload them. (I now have that back, so I will be getting those uploaded today or tomorrow.)

Anyway, my goal for the next week is to blog at least once a day with all that has been going on this month. So check back!