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Wednesday, July 21

A new goal

I really do like to blog...and I have thought about it soo many times lately.. :)
So a new goal...start slow and work my way up to the 30 blogs in 30 days goal! I think that the national blog month is November...I need to check on that! I would like to be able to participate this time, with no moving vans to get into the way.

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that we recently 'acquired' two new puppies!!! My hubby has been wanting a Lab/Retriever mix for awhile and a friend of mine knew of a breeder that only had one puppy and could not sell him. And the father of that litter had jumped the fence and gotten another female pregnant, so there was another litter of Retriver/Australian Shepperd puppies going away we took one of them and the lab/retriever!!!

Aren't they cute!!!!! The white guy is Duke and the sister is Gersey!

Born two days apart, they follow each other around and really get along with Meko! We introduced them to Meko the first day and Meko did soo much better than we could have anticipated!!! He has taken a big brother role and helps teach the little guys all they need to know!

Pottie training was pretty easy now that we have the backyard! I would take them out and say "Go Pottie" and give them a treat if they did. Now they do it on command...she better than he. Duke has a bit of a stubborn streak! lol
This is all three of them a few days ago...they have all gotten to dang big..and not yet done from my understanding!!