My familia!

Wednesday, February 25

Yeah for her!!

After a few weeks of those terrible Braxton Hicks, a very good friend of mine recently had her 2nd little boy!!! If you have a chance...drop over to her blog and congratulate her!!

Friday, February 20

How time flies

It was not too long ago that turning on your TV ment standing up and walking over to pull the knob out. You only had 4 or 5 channels to choose from and each channel had to be adjusted using the 'bunny ears'. There was only one TV (in most homes) and it was located in the main living area. We had home phones that hung by the cord on the wall, although there was always a spare rotory dial somewhere around the house. And kids had toys and played outside for hours until the street lights came on and it was time to come home.

Fast forward to today. We can pause TV to view at our liesure, watch TV in almost every room of the house, talk on the phone while driving to the store, and our kids are always asking for the most updated gaming system out there.

It is crazy to think that in just one generation, so much of the technology has changed. And it has changed the way that we live. I grounded my daughter last week and she thought it was an atrocity that we would take away her cell phone. My husband can work from home from his phone on his days off. Last night, our computer would not boot up, so I grabbed my phone and logged onto Facebook to 'farm' ( a silly application that I feel I need to keep up on because I have made $800,000 in fake It's crazy...

All of this in one generation...where will we be when our kiddos have kids? Where will technology take us?

Thursday, February 19

AI Results

WooHoo!!! I am very happy with the top 3 so far!

Alexis is my favorite. She just seems to be so genuine and natural. I love her look and she definitely makes me think of Kelly Clarkson when she sings! I am excited to see how she does when the final 12 are chosen.

As for next week...Matt Breitzke, Adam Lambert, and Jasmine Murray stick out from the auditions. But the auditions and singing in front of a live group is very different, so we will see next Tuesday!!

Tuesday, February 17

American Idol - Week 1

I LOVE American Idol!! It may be because I wanted to be a singer growing up and I see myself in the eyes of those hopefuls that walk into that room and...completely bomb~ because that would soo be me! I can sing in the shower, but I know my limits!!

I have watched every season and almost every episode...before DVR. So I have decided to make predictions every week as to the winners and far, I'm about 50-50...(we'll see)

Week 1 Favorites

Brent Keith ~ I love this guy!
Anoop Desai ~ This kid has a great voice!
Micheal Sarver ~ I love his southern look, southern additude, his southern drawl, the whole southern thing!! And I thought he did a great job!
Danny Gokey ~ He is awesome! I liked him from the start and out of all of the boys, I think he is a shoe in for making it through!!

Alexis Grace ~ She seems genuine. Not trying to be anyone else but who she is. And her daughter is adorable!
Casey Carlson ~ She did not do so well...but I still like her.
Ann Marie Boskovich ~ I think she did a great job tonight no matter what the judges have to say!
Tatiana Del Toro ~ Wow...she can sing, but when the camera is on her, she poses and acts this part that she wants people to see. She is talented...but she needs to shut up!!

Out of everyone, I think that Danny has the first ticket in to the next round. Results are we will see!!!

Thursday, February 12

Creative Cooks

This past weekend my kiddos competed in a 4H "Creative Cooking" contest and did amazingly well for their first time!! Bayle did his Dragon theme and made vanilla pudding with red food coloring and worms...yummy enough for any dragon!! And Taylor and the hubby spent all night the night before perfecting her chili which won her 2nd place in her age group! So for it being her first time competing and still coming in second is amazing! Very, very proud of her! Oh, and she also won the kitchen helper award! And after all of the fuss and stress, they want to do it again next year!

Here are some other 'tables' that competed!

"A Tail Gate Party"
"Campfire Cookout"
(I could totally throw a triple with this gun!!)
"Breakfast in bed"

Tuesday, February 10

The reason that I do not bake...

The story... during our test trials of Bayle's 4H desert, we had just finished melting chocolate on the oven and I made sure to tell him that the 'oven is hot' while waving my hand over the hot burner. My daughter called for me from the other room and instead of leaving my son in the kitchen alone, I told him to come too. I then set the bowl of chocolate down and left the kitchen with Bayle. And this is what I returned to... So instead of teaching my son how to bake brownies, I gave him a leason in what not to do in the kitchen! I am just darn lucky that I did not take the house down with it!!

Lesson Learned!!

Wednesday, February 4

Another month...another change!

One reason I blog is to keep in touch with family and friends and meet new friends who do the same. But another reason I have a blog is to DECORATE!! And I do this about every month. I guess I have always blamed being a Gemini for the constant need to change. (When I clean the house, the furniture never ends up in the same spot) So with every month, I get to redecorate!!

Last week I was looking through an old scrapbook magazine and found some great websites that will help 're-do' your site.

Monday, February 2

A little bit of baking involved

Well, one of my New Years resolutions was to blog more frequent, and so far I have not followed through. :( But it is still a goal!

I will start off first with a puppy update. I think that we are past the honeymoon stage... We started off with Meko pretty much potty training himself. I think in total, we have only had maybe 10 accidents in the house. Otherwise, he is going to the door to tell us when he needs to go. He still has not learned to bark...YEAH!!! And as a puppy, he really is great! But, this weekend, I caught him pulling up the carpet. I almost threw him across the room...I didn't...I was able to take a breath...but oh my goodness, he is lucky. So tonight I am off to buy something with an apple bitter taste to spray on the area. Hopefully this will help!

We have been working the last couple of weeks on a 'Creative Cooks' for our 4H group. Bayle is still too young to compete but they are letting his age group still participate. And this will be Taylor's first year competing, and we are still way behind on being 'ready'. Taylor has chosen to make chili as her dish and to dress her table as if she were eating in a log cabin. She is having quite a bit of fun decorating and making things not to matchy matchy. And Bayle has chosen to make brownies in the shape of Dragons to which I do not know how I am going to pull it off. But the competition is this Saturday, so we still have this week to prepare and do a couple of test runs. And the hubby is happy about that because it means extra brownies hanging around for him to taste test! So wish them luck!!