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Tuesday, February 17

American Idol - Week 1

I LOVE American Idol!! It may be because I wanted to be a singer growing up and I see myself in the eyes of those hopefuls that walk into that room and...completely bomb~ because that would soo be me! I can sing in the shower, but I know my limits!!

I have watched every season and almost every episode...before DVR. So I have decided to make predictions every week as to the winners and far, I'm about 50-50...(we'll see)

Week 1 Favorites

Brent Keith ~ I love this guy!
Anoop Desai ~ This kid has a great voice!
Micheal Sarver ~ I love his southern look, southern additude, his southern drawl, the whole southern thing!! And I thought he did a great job!
Danny Gokey ~ He is awesome! I liked him from the start and out of all of the boys, I think he is a shoe in for making it through!!

Alexis Grace ~ She seems genuine. Not trying to be anyone else but who she is. And her daughter is adorable!
Casey Carlson ~ She did not do so well...but I still like her.
Ann Marie Boskovich ~ I think she did a great job tonight no matter what the judges have to say!
Tatiana Del Toro ~ Wow...she can sing, but when the camera is on her, she poses and acts this part that she wants people to see. She is talented...but she needs to shut up!!

Out of everyone, I think that Danny has the first ticket in to the next round. Results are we will see!!!


♥georgie♥ said...

Cant wait to see who makes it through...