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Monday, June 30

Love = Holding hands, a little shock, and a cockroach

This past weekend was Tyler's birthday weekend, which means that he picks the family outings, dinners, and color for the slug bug game (will blog about that later).

So much to everyone's delight, he picked to have a movie weekend and listed a few that he would like to go see.
I will start with was awesome!! Absolutely awesome! You fall in love with this little machine in the first 15 minutes. Pixar did a great job giving him personality, giving all of the machines their own personalities. I think my favorite part was when he was trying to show Eve-a his directive...ta-da! (Go watch it!!)

Next, we went to see Get Smart. I love Steve Carrell, and he was a perfect fit for Maxwell Smart. I think I laughed through this whole movie!

And then on Sunday, the big boys went to see Wanted. (Not a movie for everyone). So we stayed at home and relaxed on Sunday. I tried to make a page or two, but I was not expired at all. So instead we veged most of the day.

Oh and on the night we went to see Get Smart, I bumped into an old friend/instructor of mine. I was coming back from getting drinks, and even in the dark, she recognized me. (I think I've changed quite a bit from my late teens and early twenty's but I guess not). Anyway, we caught up a bit before the movie. She is married now, with three little kiddos, and she is still marching!! I need to get back into it! Would LOVE to get back into it!

Anyway, more later,

Friday, June 27

Back Up!!

I found this great site the other day and spent the last couple of days playing with the HTML in my blog!


It has a tutorial to walk you through making a third column, clocks, helps with the color code, etc. If you have a blogger account, check this site out!

Anyway, I'm back up and will be posting later today!

Happy Friday

Wednesday, June 25


Updating the site...please come back later. :)


Monday, June 23

Going home

I live in Colorado, but my home will always be Oklahoma!! I could do without so much humidity, but so many memories of my childhood are there, so going back is a trip down memory lane.

During our trip down there, we stayed with my SIL and she lives out in the country. So the kiddos had a blast playing with the horses and ducks. Bayle was ecstatic that he was able to step outside and catch frogs and grasshoppers. And they also learned very quick what poison ivy looked like... :)

On my last day there, we decided to go to the lake and play on the Seadoo. And WOW!! We had so much fun on that. The kids took turns riding with my older nephew, Brant, and then it was time for the adults to try. Brent got on first and almost toppled the thing over (I have a video of that but have been threatened by divorce if it ever surfaces). LOL My younger nephew, Brody, wanted to drive it, so I sat behind him and he just went. He took sharp turns and had the Seadoo jumping the waves! So much fun! In the picture to the left, it is Bayle and I riding and Brent and Brody, waiting for us to come in.

I had to fly back Monday night for work while the hubby and kiddos stayed for a couple more days. So with my nights open and the house quite, I was able to get a few pages done! Although I have not taken pictures yet, I will get them up soon. I am currently working on challenges for Sisterhood of Scrap and The Coconut Scrapbooking. If you have not yet taken a look, definitely take a gander. There are some incredible pages being done!

Here are a few extra pictures of the trip:

More later!! Loves

Friday, June 13

Leaving on a jet plane...

Actually, I'm coming back on one, but we are leaving for Oklahoma in about an hour. Yeah!!

Our last trip down there was fraught with car trouble and a quick depletion in funds. Our van had started going kooky near in the middle of nowhere Kansas. It was almost midnight and it took almost an hour to get a tow truck and get us to a small town. We ended up staying overnight and having the van patched up so that we could make it the rest of the way. And the depletion of funds went to the mechanic's in Oklahoma City. :-(

This trip, we planned a bit better! We are renting a van and...well...that is about it. So say a little prayer for us and I will be back on Monday!! Have a great weekend!!


Friday, June 6

New pages

I was able to sit down this last weekend again and do a few pages...although I can only show you a few. (The others were made for Get Your Scrap On and I can post after Sunday.)

This picture was taken on my hubby's phone and changed to this effect. The picture was soo cool, I just needed to scrap it!!
This page was done with stamping the snowflake image with a watermark ink and then using sparkley white embossing powder. I also did this on a few of the tag embellishments. I think they turned out pretty cool.
I am terrible at journaling. One, because I do not like my handwriting. Especially when I try to make it look nice. And two, I don't ever feel like I tell the story completely. :-)The journaling on this page says: It is a tradition passed down from father to son. It is a chance to get a punch in on their man cards. It is also one very big reason why football should be left to the pros!!Anytime our family gets together, the men decide to grab the football and throw a few. It starts out friendly enough, but slowly turns into "how far" or "how hard" can you throw. And in the end, they all end up inside with a cold compress pushed up on one or more joints. :-)


Thursday, June 5

My Scrap Space

Recently we were asked to show our scrap here it goes...

It's a small corner in my bedroom that I have recently fixed up and cleaned for these pictures. Usually I have paper and scraps everywhere. :) And I just got that chair a week ago from a friend. Before it was a hard wooden chair that was soo uncomfortable to sit in.

The kitty that you see in the pictures here is Wonka and the focus of many pages. When I come in here, he is usually at my feet or on my desk.

In this last picture, there is a bungee cord wrapped around some of the pull-outs. Wonka loves to chew and play with the foam letters and shapes in these. He will maneuver the drawer open and pull out one or two. Smart cat.


Thursday Thirteen 25

Thirteen things I'm doing to loose weight...and so far working!!

1. No Soda
2. No more cookies or sweets at night
3. If I want a snack, I bought vanilla yogurt!
4. Portions
5. Eating slower - it takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain "all done'
6. Walking the stroller to and from school twice a day (about a mile each way) = 4 miles a day
7. Stretching!!
8. Lots and lots of water
9. I joined a fabulous group on myspace and we are cheering each other on!
10. Planned menus
12. 8 hours of sleep
13. And determination...I will do this!!

Monday, June 2

Site Find

As I have been walking my son to and from school this past year, I have met some wonderful mom's and dad's. We talk about our kids, our jobs, the weather, etc. And I thought that I had learned quite a bit about these parents. But it came to my attention during Field Day, that one of the mothers hosts a 'Mothers Blog' and gives out advice and answers some questions.

I have gone to her site, and it is quite amazing! So I thought I would share it with whomever might actually read my blog!

Mommies Home