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Monday, June 30

Love = Holding hands, a little shock, and a cockroach

This past weekend was Tyler's birthday weekend, which means that he picks the family outings, dinners, and color for the slug bug game (will blog about that later).

So much to everyone's delight, he picked to have a movie weekend and listed a few that he would like to go see.
I will start with was awesome!! Absolutely awesome! You fall in love with this little machine in the first 15 minutes. Pixar did a great job giving him personality, giving all of the machines their own personalities. I think my favorite part was when he was trying to show Eve-a his directive...ta-da! (Go watch it!!)

Next, we went to see Get Smart. I love Steve Carrell, and he was a perfect fit for Maxwell Smart. I think I laughed through this whole movie!

And then on Sunday, the big boys went to see Wanted. (Not a movie for everyone). So we stayed at home and relaxed on Sunday. I tried to make a page or two, but I was not expired at all. So instead we veged most of the day.

Oh and on the night we went to see Get Smart, I bumped into an old friend/instructor of mine. I was coming back from getting drinks, and even in the dark, she recognized me. (I think I've changed quite a bit from my late teens and early twenty's but I guess not). Anyway, we caught up a bit before the movie. She is married now, with three little kiddos, and she is still marching!! I need to get back into it! Would LOVE to get back into it!

Anyway, more later,


Megan from IMaginif said...

Hi Christina
thanks for commenting over at Imaginif, down under.

My kids always got to pick the food they wanted for their birthday. While they were little it was often baked beans - "Straight from the can please Mum, no heating, just give me a spoon", or a bbq'd sausage - "Just bread and sauce (ketchup) no vegetables or salad". As they grew older though, their tastes grew more sophisticated and the birthdays much more expensive.

And do you think any of them ever remembered my birthday - NO!

I am now awaiting the birth of my first grand baby (due in a month). I so can't wait for the baby to forget its Mum's birthday :) .

The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leave such a nice comment. Yes, quite a touching story.

It sounds like you had a successful movie week-end! Happy Birthday to Tyler.

Pamela said...

We went and saw Wall-E too! LOVED it! :) I will have to see Get Smart...haven't seen that one yet. Sounds like you had a good weekend. :)