My familia!

Thursday, March 27

Thursday Thirteen #22

13 Shows I cannot wait to come back...

1. LOST - Will they actually be rescued? Why did Kate have Clair's baby? Why did only six peeps get off the island? And why are they so secretive about the rest of them?

2. 24 - Unfortunately, they are not even going to air the episodes already shot. They are postponing the whole season until next January. :(

3. ER - Abby just came back from rehab and is trying to regain her family back.

4. Ghost Whisperer - What is her brother and her dad trying to accomplish by stopping her?

5. Medium - I know, it's back...but they only have a few more to show before they run out, and it looks like Joe may be an inventor!!!

6. CSI - I like to play "crime solver". Hubby and I try to figure out the who done it first.

7. CSI New York - Same as above

8. CSI Maimi - Came back Monday!!! Yeah!!

9. The Office - I need my weekly reminder as to why I no longer work outside of the home. And I get to laugh my ass off!!!

10. Criminal Minds - Another twist on the who dune it show.

11. 30 Days - Not coming back until June 3 and if you have not yet caught an episode, they are definitely worth the hour it takes to watch. Eye openers!!

12. Chuck - I like the geeky smart guys!!

13. Heroes - I just want a superpower!!!

So, so many more...and I watch way to much TV. Although in my defense, I Tivo them and watch while I'm cleaning and such.

Happy TT!!

Tuesday, March 25

With some brighter news!!

Bayle lost his first tooth today!!!!

He was eating his cereal and it just popped out on him. It has been loose for weeks, and every night he would go in the bathroom and wiggle it. So the tooth fairy will be visiting him tonight! What is the current rate for teeth now-a-days?!

He also started soccer this weekend...or should I say Bumble Bee Ball. The coaches do not teach positions per say, they just keep the kids kicking the ball to each other and aim for their side. So funny to watch!

His big sis is currently playing JV Soccer for her high school and had to sit on the sidelines, but kept turning around saying that she wanted to go in and help. It's like OCD with soccer. LOL

Sad News

We received a call early this morning from my father-in-law. He and my MIL had gone down to Texas to be with her father who had been admitted to the hospital this last weekend. I'm not sure of the details, but earlier in the week he was feeling great and by Friday, he was coughing blood again.

Brent calls him Grampa Jess. Unfortunately, I have never had the pleasure of meeting him, but I have heard enough stories to know that he was a hard, determined man, who was very much set in his ways. And that he is the most influential person in Brent's life.

Grampa Jess passed away about 11:20 this morning. He had family by his side and passed silently.

Brent is not taking it so well. And he bottles up his feelings so you never really know how he is doing from one moment to the next.

He wanted this summer to take the family down and spend some time in Texas with him. I think he just wanted to show Jess that he turned out to be a good man, with a beautiful family. Not really to prove anything but to have Grampa Jess feel proud of him.

Although I know that Grampa Jess may have passed from his earthly body, he is still with us in spirit and mind. And I know that he is proud of Brent. Somehow, I need to explain this to Brent so that he can get through this.

Friday, March 21

Proud Mommy

Taylor had an awards assembly at school today and was picked out of her Show Choir group to preform the National Anthem!! She and three other girls got up and sang in front of her classmates and parents. Although she said later that she was very nervous, she sang beautifully!


Thursday, March 20

Thursday Thirteen #21

Thirteen Things that you may find surprising about me...

1. I played with Barbie until I was almost 14. I always found it enjoyable to go into that fantasy world and dream of another place.

2. I still jump into my bed at night. Not that I still believe that there is something under the bed that is going to reach out and grab my ankles, but I still jump.

3. I play WoW (World of Warcraft). It's an online RPG Hunter ROCKS!!

4. I don't talk to my mom unless it's Christmas or her birthday. Unfortunately, I'm okay with that.

5. Once my toes get cold, the only way to warm them up is to soak them in warm water. Great excuse to go get a pedicure!!

6. I love reality shows...not for the arguing and such, but I like seeing the underdog win out!!

7. I cannot spell for beans. Yeah for spell check!

8. I love arts and crafts.

9. I didn't drive for almost two years. I was in tree accidents pretty close together and caught a little fear of being behind the wheel.

10. I love chocolate!! That is not surprising, but I'm eating a piece of chocolate so I thought I would just jot it down~ :)

11. I have never been able to master the art of reading music.

12. I have one plant that I have been able to keep alive. If I get another one, it will die within the first few months. It's like the first plant stares them down 'till they give up.

13. It takes me all day to write my TT's.

Happy TT everyone!!

Tuesday, March 18

Spring is welcome...anytime!!!

Dearest Weatherman ~

We are soo ready for the snow to go away and spring to come and stay. We have had a couple of great days, but it turns right around and gets cold again. We are tired of the snow, and brown grass, and no leaves. We need some color, and the sun to come out and play! We want to go outside and run and ride our bikes.

And with Easter right around the corner, how will the Easter Bunny hide our eggs outside if there is snow or frost on the ground? And the Bunny's poor paws, he will be so so cold.

So please, when you get on TV tonight, please tell us that the cold has moved out. Please tell us that it will only get warmer each day until Summer arrives. Please tell us that we will be wearing shorts again very soon.

If you do this, We promise to be on our best behavior! We will do all of our chores, and be nice to our sister. We will pick up all our toys and not run in the house.

But if you do decide to say that there is a chance of snow, I will say a prayer for you. 'Cause my mom's going to be soo mad.

Thank you,
The kids!

Monday, March 17

So Esited!!!

Happy St Patty's Day!!!!

(It is also my 7th year of being married to my hubby! Doubly esited for us!!)

So in the fashion of the day...
put on some green and go get lucky!! *wink*

Thursday, March 13

Thursday Thirteen #20

Thirteen thing that I could have blogged about in the past week...

1. Last weeks Thursday Thirteen...I could not think of anything :(

2. I am working on a 20th anniversary book for my parents....that could have been a good blog if I was not soo busy working on getting things it done.

3. I took my daughter out for lunch and told her something that would change her. Make her see life differently.

4. My son and nephew are into underwater animals and reading (or looking at) many books on them. So, my nephew is going home to argue with his father, saying "But Bayle said that (insert incorrect fact here)". Needless to say, my brother is very well versed in the ways of sea creatures and there ways of life, but try telling this to the

5. This last weekend we had the step-kids and it was a great weekend. They usually are, but this time there was much less bickering and fighting between the kidos. It was nice!

6. I made it past week 3 in my Survivor Scrap Challenge!!!

7. My parents anniversary was Tuesday and I still don't have everything that I need for their book:(

8. I ran into an old friend coming out of the store the other day. She looked good, but I wondered if we would still be friends if life had made different choices.

9. I could have blogged about John being an ass. And if you don't know John, be very grateful...he is an ass!! :)

10. My anniversary is next Monday, and my husband has started celebrating early. Every night for the last 3 days, he has come home with some sort of present. Flowers, chocolates, books, music, ect. He is amazing!

11. My kids are staying with my parents on Saturday night. What the kids don't know is that they will be flying to Disney Land and Sea World in May with them and they will be told that night!!

12. Taylor is the same age as I was 20 years ago when I flew to Disney World with my parents. Trust me, this would be a BIG blog!!

13. Yeah for the actors getting back to work and the writers creating their perfection!! I need my Anatomy and Office fix!!!

Monday, March 10


So after much debating, going back and forth, and trying a little more training, we had to give our puppy up. I guess that you can't really call her a puppy anymore, Avery was going on 2 years this summer. But with a few behavior problems, and having children in the house all day, we just could not keep her anymore.

Now don't get me wrong, she was a very smart dog. She was potty trained and was trained to scratch the door when needing to. She was loving with kids, and got along with other animals. She really was a great puppy!!

So I looked around and found a shelter that is a 'no kill' shelter and knew that was the way to go. So Taylor and I got her stuff together last night and drove Avery there. Taylor sat in the back seat and sang to her and told her how much we loved her. And when we got there, we said a prayer for her.

I know that a good home will find her, but she will be missed soo much.


Sunday, March 9

Survivor Challenge Week #3

So all of the galls entered pages for this one and the voting has started. For the next few votes, we will be voting on our LEAST favorite layout...not sure I like doing it this way. :( I don't want to know that someone liked my page the least, but that is the way that everyone agreed to, so I must play along. And as long as I like the layout, that is what really counts...right!!

So here is the page and the challenge:

1.Use one of these 2 paper-piecing templates on your layout.
2. Use rhinestones/gemstones on your layout.
3. Must use at least 3 different pattern papers on your layout

So we will see who makes it through. If you would like to see the other pages, here is the link.

Monday, March 3

By Default...

Yep!! I have made it another week in the Survivor Challenge. Out of 13 gals, only 8 of us posted in time and got yet another free pass. I was not sure that I was going to make it through the voting stage, I did not like how the page turned out, don't think that I would ever put these colors together...but oh well, that's why they call it a challenge. :)

This weeks challenge was to scraplift the page below and:
1. Title: Only 1 letter of your title must be chipboard
2. Embellishments to be used: Ribbon, colored metal & make your own
3. Colors: Greens & Blues and 1 accent color of your choice

And here is my version:

Sunday, March 2

It's what??

The last couple of days, we have been enjoying some great weather. We even got up to 70 degrees. It seemed as if we were skipping spring and going straight into early summer temps! Yesterday we even went out in shorts and rode bikes and enjoyed being outside!!

But then we go to bed and wake up to snow drifts of 6". What the heck??