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Thursday, March 13

Thursday Thirteen #20

Thirteen thing that I could have blogged about in the past week...

1. Last weeks Thursday Thirteen...I could not think of anything :(

2. I am working on a 20th anniversary book for my parents....that could have been a good blog if I was not soo busy working on getting things it done.

3. I took my daughter out for lunch and told her something that would change her. Make her see life differently.

4. My son and nephew are into underwater animals and reading (or looking at) many books on them. So, my nephew is going home to argue with his father, saying "But Bayle said that (insert incorrect fact here)". Needless to say, my brother is very well versed in the ways of sea creatures and there ways of life, but try telling this to the

5. This last weekend we had the step-kids and it was a great weekend. They usually are, but this time there was much less bickering and fighting between the kidos. It was nice!

6. I made it past week 3 in my Survivor Scrap Challenge!!!

7. My parents anniversary was Tuesday and I still don't have everything that I need for their book:(

8. I ran into an old friend coming out of the store the other day. She looked good, but I wondered if we would still be friends if life had made different choices.

9. I could have blogged about John being an ass. And if you don't know John, be very grateful...he is an ass!! :)

10. My anniversary is next Monday, and my husband has started celebrating early. Every night for the last 3 days, he has come home with some sort of present. Flowers, chocolates, books, music, ect. He is amazing!

11. My kids are staying with my parents on Saturday night. What the kids don't know is that they will be flying to Disney Land and Sea World in May with them and they will be told that night!!

12. Taylor is the same age as I was 20 years ago when I flew to Disney World with my parents. Trust me, this would be a BIG blog!!

13. Yeah for the actors getting back to work and the writers creating their perfection!! I need my Anatomy and Office fix!!!


Dane Bramage said...

Congrats on the anniversary! That is a great accomplishment in today's drive by marriage society! Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my 13 Things to Ponder T13.

The Mama Bear said...

Oh a hubby that starts celebrating an anniversary did you swing that? Will he give lessons?
Love your list.
Happy Thursday, pop by the Cafe if interested for my TT.

Kaige said...

Sounds like you've had a busy week! Congrats on your anniversary and I hope the actual day is as much fun as the days leading up to it!

Happy TT! Thanks for stopping by.

Wysperia aka: Wyspy ~ Wysp said...

What a sweetheart your husband is... for celebrating with you the last 13 or so days! Lucky you!!
I wanna go to Disney Land *LOL* & Sea World!
Congrats on your Anniversary!

Tasina said...

What a great list. And sweet hubby. And fun surprise for kids. And I'm dying to know what you told her daughter?

Lazy Daisy said...

sounds like you had plenty of categories to choose from. Your hubby sounds adorable.Congrats.

Irishcoda said...

I get stuck thinking of topics for my blog and TTs too. This is a great list and I'm with you on #13. For me, it's a Lost fix I need. Glad you had fun doing the puzzle :)

Mon-Mon said...

Hey girly - another good 13 - it is hard sometimes to think of one every week now I'm curious as to who the old friend was...

verabear said...

@10 your husband is so sweet! Happy Anniversary :)

Your kids will be so thrilled with that news!

Loved your TT :)