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Thursday, March 27

Thursday Thirteen #22

13 Shows I cannot wait to come back...

1. LOST - Will they actually be rescued? Why did Kate have Clair's baby? Why did only six peeps get off the island? And why are they so secretive about the rest of them?

2. 24 - Unfortunately, they are not even going to air the episodes already shot. They are postponing the whole season until next January. :(

3. ER - Abby just came back from rehab and is trying to regain her family back.

4. Ghost Whisperer - What is her brother and her dad trying to accomplish by stopping her?

5. Medium - I know, it's back...but they only have a few more to show before they run out, and it looks like Joe may be an inventor!!!

6. CSI - I like to play "crime solver". Hubby and I try to figure out the who done it first.

7. CSI New York - Same as above

8. CSI Maimi - Came back Monday!!! Yeah!!

9. The Office - I need my weekly reminder as to why I no longer work outside of the home. And I get to laugh my ass off!!!

10. Criminal Minds - Another twist on the who dune it show.

11. 30 Days - Not coming back until June 3 and if you have not yet caught an episode, they are definitely worth the hour it takes to watch. Eye openers!!

12. Chuck - I like the geeky smart guys!!

13. Heroes - I just want a superpower!!!

So, so many more...and I watch way to much TV. Although in my defense, I Tivo them and watch while I'm cleaning and such.

Happy TT!!


Kat said...

OH...another Lostie. I am so addicted to that show! We homeschool...and my daughter is doing physics this year...and we are studying about electromagnets. I am thinking I'll solve all the secrets! :-)

Dane Bramage said...

Wow. I don't watch a single show on your list. Of course I don't watch but two hours of TV a week. Since it was all reality shows (Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs) I didn't miss anything this year with the strike. Boy those writers are sure glad I wasn't representing the other side.

My Thursday Thirteen #73 is up! 13 What I SHould Have Said and What I Said Stop by if you get a chance.

Jenn said...

#7 comes back next week! I saw the commercial last night.

Great idea for TT.

Nicholas said...

I watch two of those -- ER and The Office.