My familia!

Sunday, November 21

First Steps

I have not seen most of my high school friends since..well...high school. Seventeen years ago. And Facebook has made it exceptionally easy to find and reconnect with most of them which has been great!! This past week, one of those friends recently moved back to town and had a little get together.

Honestly, I was not sure that I was going to go. Many of these people I have know forever (since kindergarten) but did not really have any type of relationship with. This is the same reason that I did not attend my 10yr reunion. But I took into consideration that just because I didn't really 'know' many of them...doesn't mean that I could not get to know them.

And I am soo glad that I went!! It was awkward at first, going in and saying hello to a group of strangers. But come to find out, I was not the only one. Most of the conversations started out with "Hi, I'm ...and you are...?" Memories came flooding back, and I actually stayed until the bar closed! (Have not closed down a bar in forever!!)

For me, this was a big step. I am trying to break out of this 'homebody stage'! I am trying to be more outgoing, much like I was in my 20's. :)

Oh...and Jimmy Johnson won for a 5th year!!! Yeah!