My familia!

Wednesday, March 25

I blame it on the Penguins

Is it a terrible thing that I wait to feed my kitties an extra half hour so that they will cuddle? They will only come out of hiding when they are hungry, and really the only time that I can sit with them and enjoy petting them. Oh well...that is what kitties do, everything on their terms.

So this last weekend had some great moments and not so great moments. We started out Friday night by picking up the two kiddos (first weekend since Christmas that we have had all four together) and meeting at the puppy park. It was such a nice day that time flew by and two hours later we split into two cars to get dinner and movies. We ended up watching "Role Models"...a completely inappropriate movie for anyone under 17. But my husband felt that he could have them turn their heads for those parts. Not even close. Bayle, thank goodness was in his room watching his own movie.

I kept looking at Brent like "seriously". There was no covering eyes quick enough and the language was horrible. Maybe I am a bit prude in a way, but I think that kids are growing up way too fast. And it's up to the parents to allow kids to stay kids for as long as they can! He and I definitely differ on this subject. So, I got up and walked to another room. I could not keep watching it. He ended up turning it off...

Saturday we got up and went to see an early showing of 'Knowing'. Amazing movie!!! And the graphics were unbelievable. It had a bit of a Sci-fi ending, but I liked it! We went out for lunch and shopped a little bit. Amanda was invited to Prom his year, so we went looking for some dresses, and it was nice. She let me in a little bit! And for any step-mother, that is the most that we can hope for!! :)

We ended our weekend by doing an impossible puzzle. We can usually do one in a few hours, but this one had different shades of blue and a ton of penguins. It was soo hard, even today it still sits half done on the table.

Tuesday, March 17

7 years past

Today marks the 8th year that I have been married to my wonderful, amazing husband. We are past the 7 year curse and still as happy as we were then! Actually, I would say even happier. We have settled into each other. We know the ins and outs of each other, we know how to care for and love one another.

So to my husband:

I love you Brent! With all of my heart!

Thursday, March 12

Out of...something

Our main computer is down again. Yuck!! It went down a few weeks ago because our video card went out. And my hubby being the nice guy that he is asked a friend to help and paid the friend for his work. We were out of the computer for about a week. We got it back on the 3rd and it has been running great...until yesterday afternoon.

It shut down as I was playing a game, and when it tried to reboot, I got the red dots and then no screen. I knew it was the video card again and when my hubby came home he confirmed the same thing.

So he took the side off the computer and realized that this guy had put in a video card from 2007 and didn't see the issue that had burned up the original one. Basically, and I don't know enough about computers to use the right terminology, we have a card that will allow HiDef to hook into the computer and it sits right on top of the video card. It sits on top of the fan portion of the video card so any cooling that it was trying to do was only locking in the heat and frying up the card.

So the hubby went into computer geek mode and fixed it the right way. He ended up taking out the HiDef card (which we do not use), bought an up to date video card and installed it, and added more memory to help the load. He had it working last night...yeah!!!! But as I went to turn it on this morning it made a loud sqweeking sound and did not load.

What is gong on??? So I am now on the "do or die" computer and thank goodness blogger autosaves!! Any ideas on what my computer needs??

Tuesday, March 10

No Barking allowed

Last week we started taking Meko to the dog park just down the street. And he absolutly loves it!!! He is still a small dog, but he will run up to the big ones without fear. I was affraid at first because he was not raised around other puppies or dogs in general (before us or with us). But he let other puppies come up and sniff him and he would sniff in return. It was amazing to see him just let go and run, and chase, and just have fun. Here are a few pictures to share.

Friday, March 6

I'm going to Florida!!!!!

My husband works for the major phone company here in Colorado...I would say most of the central US. Anyway, they have 190 stores throughout and my hubby was named the number 2 manager for the year 2008! Which means that he won the COE award (Circle of Excellence) and gets a all encompassed trip to Hollywood, Fl.!!! (Fort Lauderdale/Miami area)
So it will just be me and the hubby with the hotel on a strip of land with the ocean in all it's glory in our 'backyard'! We are going to go deep sea fishing, going to the Everglades.....the SPA!!!!! Oh my gosh, I am soo excited! We don't go until the end of April which gives me 7 weeks to be swimsuit ready. And a can't go and not be a little

Oooo...and on the hotels site, in the upper left corner is a live feed I can call me kiddos (who will be staying with my parents), have them look at the link and I can wave to them from Florida! How cool is that!!!

I am soo proud of the hubby who did work really hard to get where he is...this is just the icing!!! Yeah!!!


I am not happy with those people that were picked to go through... :( With that being said, I am sort of happy with the wild card round. Soo happy that Megan got through...I just love her sound...I don't think she did a very good job last night, but she is great!!

Wednesday, March 4

To Sing....or To Scream bad. Last nights contestants on American Idol were pretty good.. A few of them anyway. My pick for the boys would be Ju'Not, and well....that's it. I don't think any of the other boys did very well. The gals on the other hand did really great! My picks would be Lil, Kendall, Felicia, and Kristen with Lil being number one. I think the runner up will be Felicia.

Now I am off to make cards for my hubby's work.

And be sure to check back here tomorrow...I have some awesome news to share!!! I'm soo excited!!!

Tuesday, March 3

To be without, you miss it so much more

I am back up and running!!! Yeah! About a week ago, our main computer broke down. I have been trying to use our older computer to log on, but the dang things gets hot soo quick that is shuts back down within 30 it is our do or die computer. (It stays off mostly). The other computer just needed a new video card and it came back to life!!! Yeah!! So now it's back to updating the blogs, fixing pictures, a little bit of Sims 2, and playing WoW...yep, I play World of Warcraft (little unknown things about me).

Okay, so I was not completly correct with last weeks picks of American Idol. For the femals I really liked Allison, Megan, Jesse and Mishavonna. And I did pick Allison as the top female...she was phenominal!! For the boys I had Kris, Matt, and Adam down as possiblities. Although, I really wanted Kris to be the top boy. I did not like Adam at all. He has a good voice and he can 'scream' those high notes..I just thought that he played it over the top. Although with his look, I added him to my list of posoblities.

So I did pick all three, but I am not happy with the possition of them in ranking. Oh, well...maybe this Adam character will grow on me.

As for this weeks group...personaly I don't think that anyone of them has much talent that is AI quality yet. But I guess after tonight, we will see.

Happy to be back! Blog at you tomorrow.