My familia!

Tuesday, March 3

To be without, you miss it so much more

I am back up and running!!! Yeah! About a week ago, our main computer broke down. I have been trying to use our older computer to log on, but the dang things gets hot soo quick that is shuts back down within 30 it is our do or die computer. (It stays off mostly). The other computer just needed a new video card and it came back to life!!! Yeah!! So now it's back to updating the blogs, fixing pictures, a little bit of Sims 2, and playing WoW...yep, I play World of Warcraft (little unknown things about me).

Okay, so I was not completly correct with last weeks picks of American Idol. For the femals I really liked Allison, Megan, Jesse and Mishavonna. And I did pick Allison as the top female...she was phenominal!! For the boys I had Kris, Matt, and Adam down as possiblities. Although, I really wanted Kris to be the top boy. I did not like Adam at all. He has a good voice and he can 'scream' those high notes..I just thought that he played it over the top. Although with his look, I added him to my list of posoblities.

So I did pick all three, but I am not happy with the possition of them in ranking. Oh, well...maybe this Adam character will grow on me.

As for this weeks group...personaly I don't think that anyone of them has much talent that is AI quality yet. But I guess after tonight, we will see.

Happy to be back! Blog at you tomorrow.