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Thursday, March 12

Out of...something

Our main computer is down again. Yuck!! It went down a few weeks ago because our video card went out. And my hubby being the nice guy that he is asked a friend to help and paid the friend for his work. We were out of the computer for about a week. We got it back on the 3rd and it has been running great...until yesterday afternoon.

It shut down as I was playing a game, and when it tried to reboot, I got the red dots and then no screen. I knew it was the video card again and when my hubby came home he confirmed the same thing.

So he took the side off the computer and realized that this guy had put in a video card from 2007 and didn't see the issue that had burned up the original one. Basically, and I don't know enough about computers to use the right terminology, we have a card that will allow HiDef to hook into the computer and it sits right on top of the video card. It sits on top of the fan portion of the video card so any cooling that it was trying to do was only locking in the heat and frying up the card.

So the hubby went into computer geek mode and fixed it the right way. He ended up taking out the HiDef card (which we do not use), bought an up to date video card and installed it, and added more memory to help the load. He had it working last night...yeah!!!! But as I went to turn it on this morning it made a loud sqweeking sound and did not load.

What is gong on??? So I am now on the "do or die" computer and thank goodness blogger autosaves!! Any ideas on what my computer needs??