My familia!

Tuesday, January 27

Photo 6-12

Photo 6
We love to sit and do puzzles as a family and when I walked past this 'People Zoo' puzzle was too cute to pass up. With 4/5 of us working on it, it only took about an hour to finish. And now it is boxed back up and at my sisters' for her family to have fun!

Photo 7
As I was typing last week, I realized how much those darn keys were sticking and that it was time to clean the keyboard. And even though I can type without looking...I still wanted assurance that the keys would go back in the same spot! :) Knowing me, I have would mix M with N, Q with W, and all of the 'symbols' keys. So...I took a few picks to help~

Photo 8
These are some PJ pants that my daughter was wearing. I just thought that they were very cute with all of the faces and 'text' talk. I actually learned (see)

Photo 9
These kitties will sit anywhere...especially a clean pile of close fresh from the dryer (still warm and comfy). I went to start another load, and they jumped at the chance to sit.

Photo 10
The hubby and I took a walk through American Furniture, and we found this entertainment system! I fell in love with it and he fell in love with the TV. lol Ahh...someday.

Photo 11
This is a portrait of my family when I was a 17. It was taken on my hubby's phone and a little crooked...but it is great to see how much we have changed.

Photo 12
My grandmother passed away a couple of years ago and my uncle is just now getting through to sort through her things and pass them on to family. I received these angles. She used to have them in the living room up on a mantle. There is really no special memory associated with them, but just to have something of hers is special.

Thursday, January 22

LOST premier

So I Tivo'd the Lost premier last night and then stayed up to watch it after the kiddos were put to bed. Because let's face it, anyone who has watched the show knows that if you look away for only a moment, you miss a vital part of the story.

So, I start by watching the one hour recap just to jog my memory of specific events and then continue onto the show. And I have to say at this point that I was not particularly 'excited, on the edge of my seat' to watch it. The season ended last year a bit suddenly and it seemed like they tried to throw a lot of information into that last show.

But as I sat to watch the premier, I was very pleasently surprised. I LOVED it! I'm a Sci-Fi fan, and the 'time loop' story was intriging. And then they threw so much of the old story line into it (i.e. the plane holding the religious idols full of drugs) that it started a little puzzle that I had to remember and figure out. And everytime the light would flash, I found myself more excited to see what time they were in. Would they get to meet the old Dahrma Inititive? At some point the scientist guy was down in the tunnel...was this a past happening? Some-where- that the islanders will get to. Seems like at some point they will infiltrate the Dahrma guys, but with the light flashes, how will that work.

Just a big puzzle...and I do like puzzles!! Anyway, it was a great premier and I am now looking forward to this season!

Wednesday, January 21

Word to the wise

You know that you are listening to old school rap,
when the lyrics say

"Beep me on my beeper".

Tuesday, January 20

Proud to be an American

I think that this is the first inauguration that I have ever sat down to watch. Scary as that is to me, I feel proud that I am taking more of an interest in what goes on in this country. That I had a say in what transpired.

Aretha Franklin is singing...and I am crying. I wish I would have kept the kids home to watch this. Get them excited and interested at an early age so that they take a stand when they get older! To see us swear in our first African American President, but also see that we have taken a stand for something hopeful. Something, someone who will make this country the great place that we learn about and are proud of. It's an amazing thing to watch!

Monday, January 19

What to do

What do you do when you are stuck inside all day
because of the cold weather and kiddos with colds..and
then comes along a day when the sun shines bright
and warms the air?


That is what we did today! It was finally warm enough to go out for a little bit, so we packed up a few shovels and buckets of Army men, then headed down to the park. We split up and started in. A few boys from the neighborhood joined in and made their fort wide for protection. And then had their men set up in the middle.

We set ours up as if there had been a great battle, with only a little land left to protect. lol It was fun being 7 again using the imagination to come up with stories and such.

Sunday, January 18

Well.....plan B

Okay, so I have an issue getting on everyday to post a picture, although the taking of the pictures daily is great! I found other sites that are postingt I am officially jumping on that bandwagon and going to a week-full in one post! :)

Photo 3 ~ This was taken Friday evening as the sun was setting behind the mountains. With my little camera, it still came out pretty nice! I just love the colors..glowing on the blue sky with the silhouettes of the trees highlighted. Photo 4 ~ This is Tipsy, my daughters cat. I had just gotten up to take the puppy out to potty and came in and she had already made herself comfy!

Photo 5 ~ Bayle took this one this afternoon. He has watched all 3 of his siblings take the camera and take photos of themselves (mostly the cellphone camera's) so he wanted to do one himself. I think this is my favorite so far!!

Thursday, January 15

Photo a Day 2

This was taken this morning as I was trying to move things around so that I could steam clean the carpets. The puppy got very excited and was running back and forth throughout the empty living room. Then he caught eye of the cat who had no interest in playing or even moving.

Wednesday, January 14

Photo a Day

One of my new years resolutions is to definitely blog more than I currently do. And then I ran across this site, and a few friends who were going to do the "Photo a day" thing. This is where you can document your life in a year through pictures, and I scrap as I can incorporate it into my books. I would love to give credit to the site, but I did not save it unfortunately, and as I was trying to Google it again, there are a ton out take your pick. lol

So with that, here is my first picture:

Not sure how to label this one...but to say no real money was involved. Bayle really has no idea how to play, he just puts chips out there, and still ends up being one of the last family members sitting there.