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Thursday, January 22

LOST premier

So I Tivo'd the Lost premier last night and then stayed up to watch it after the kiddos were put to bed. Because let's face it, anyone who has watched the show knows that if you look away for only a moment, you miss a vital part of the story.

So, I start by watching the one hour recap just to jog my memory of specific events and then continue onto the show. And I have to say at this point that I was not particularly 'excited, on the edge of my seat' to watch it. The season ended last year a bit suddenly and it seemed like they tried to throw a lot of information into that last show.

But as I sat to watch the premier, I was very pleasently surprised. I LOVED it! I'm a Sci-Fi fan, and the 'time loop' story was intriging. And then they threw so much of the old story line into it (i.e. the plane holding the religious idols full of drugs) that it started a little puzzle that I had to remember and figure out. And everytime the light would flash, I found myself more excited to see what time they were in. Would they get to meet the old Dahrma Inititive? At some point the scientist guy was down in the tunnel...was this a past happening? Some-where- that the islanders will get to. Seems like at some point they will infiltrate the Dahrma guys, but with the light flashes, how will that work.

Just a big puzzle...and I do like puzzles!! Anyway, it was a great premier and I am now looking forward to this season!


star said...

LOVE LOST!!! it's an addiction. and yes, the first episode definitely did not disappoint. this is gonna be good!