My familia!

Sunday, January 18

Well.....plan B

Okay, so I have an issue getting on everyday to post a picture, although the taking of the pictures daily is great! I found other sites that are postingt I am officially jumping on that bandwagon and going to a week-full in one post! :)

Photo 3 ~ This was taken Friday evening as the sun was setting behind the mountains. With my little camera, it still came out pretty nice! I just love the colors..glowing on the blue sky with the silhouettes of the trees highlighted. Photo 4 ~ This is Tipsy, my daughters cat. I had just gotten up to take the puppy out to potty and came in and she had already made herself comfy!

Photo 5 ~ Bayle took this one this afternoon. He has watched all 3 of his siblings take the camera and take photos of themselves (mostly the cellphone camera's) so he wanted to do one himself. I think this is my favorite so far!!