My familia!

Thursday, September 24

Dot dot dot

I am not a writer...I was no good in my English classes...I did not take writing classes in collage...honestly, without spell check, I would be embarrassed to blog at all. I was reading through some of my older posts, and I chuckle...I know the point I was trying to write about...but was I able to relay it?

So I sit here wanting to blog about being sick, or house hunting, or even our crappy cars that keep breaking down. But I will start writing, and then erase...start again..and erase. So I am making a decision...I am now going to write like I talk. With all of the dot dot dots and pauses and skipping from idea to idea! And if I don't make sense...I don't make

Okay, so the fevers and sniffles have returned. Taylor brought it home and then Brent caught it. Now, it's my turn. But my body reacts different to colds than most people. I have had a cold in the eye, and just one eye. I remember going into a meeting with a handful of tissues. And every 3 minutes my eye would tear up and cry. Crazy. For the most part it will sit in my throat and vocal cords which is what it is doing now. And I cannot talk...literally I am whispering everything for the past 3 days. I still get the sniffles and feevers...I guess my body just thinks this would be an extra bonus??!!

Oh well...Bayle is home with my today. He has yet to catch the cold (knock on wood) but instead is home from school because..well...he is a boy. And boys like to spin and play dangerous games, and jump from picnic table to picnic table with their eyes closed. LOL If you are raising a boy, you understand!! Last Wednesday, he was playing on the stairs outside and thought of this amazing idea to tie the jumproap to the top and swing like tarzan. Instead he ended up slipping and landed on the cement by way of the back of his head. Nice little bump and out of school last Thursday. Then at Taylor's cheerleading practice Tuesday the rain...he decides to jump from table to table and even with my warning of "Get down" and "Please stop" he does it one more time and falls again hitting the other side of his head. So twice in less than a week. So a call goes into Children's Hospital and the nurse tells me signs to look for and whether we should bring him in...Her advise (after checking for concussion) is to keep him home for the next couple of days and do not let him move around much. Great advise...but seriously, he is a boy. And I would have better luck getting him to eat veggies... But we are on day two and he goes to school tomorrow.

And he is asking for lunch now, so I will end this entry (which is so much longer than I planned) and chat with you later!!!

Friday, September 11

A jump back

Eight years ago, I woke up in Oklahoma City, looking forward to the day coming. I had a well-baby appointment and had taken the morning off. The hubby and I drove our daughter to pre-school and off we went.

As we got off the elevator and stepped into the lobby, they had two TV's on either side of the desk were usually showing baby videos. But today they had on the news. Unfortunately the sound was low and we could not hear much. We were called back and I remember asking about the news but the nurse made a joke about being too busy to watch.

We left the appointment and went back home from lunch...and that is when we turned on the TV and saw what was really happening. We just sat in silence for a while learning of all the events from that morning.

It's astonishing how blindly we walked around that morning with everything going on. Oblivious to the destruction and fear.

A friend on FB said of today:

{His name} would like to think 9/11 did not make us better Americans, but better human beings.

Thanks RK

Where were you 8 years ago?

Monday, September 7

Actual Conversation

Son: (from the backseat of the car) Mom...why are you and Dad together?

Mom: Um... Why do you think we are together?

Son: (took a second to "think") Because you are smart and he is funny?

A kiddo after my own heart!!

Wednesday, September 2

The Hubby is being taken to jail!!

Seriously...he is being picked up in a squad car and taken down to be fingerprinted and photographed.

But take is for charity!!

So give and give and give. Besides...if he does not raise enough, he will be kept overnight and it is his turn to cook dinner ...his family may starve!!!!

So check out this link here and forward to anyone in a giving mood!! And thanks so much!!!