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Friday, September 11

A jump back

Eight years ago, I woke up in Oklahoma City, looking forward to the day coming. I had a well-baby appointment and had taken the morning off. The hubby and I drove our daughter to pre-school and off we went.

As we got off the elevator and stepped into the lobby, they had two TV's on either side of the desk were usually showing baby videos. But today they had on the news. Unfortunately the sound was low and we could not hear much. We were called back and I remember asking about the news but the nurse made a joke about being too busy to watch.

We left the appointment and went back home from lunch...and that is when we turned on the TV and saw what was really happening. We just sat in silence for a while learning of all the events from that morning.

It's astonishing how blindly we walked around that morning with everything going on. Oblivious to the destruction and fear.

A friend on FB said of today:

{His name} would like to think 9/11 did not make us better Americans, but better human beings.

Thanks RK

Where were you 8 years ago?