My familia!

Saturday, May 31

We have been having some amazing weather here in Colorado lately!! And for the first Saturday in many, it is not raining!! And tomorrow it should be a little bit of the same! Wahoo!!

This last Thursday, Bayle had his first field day. And I was amazed at how many parents did not know what this was. I took for granted that every young child went through this, when many haven't. So for those parents, this was their first field day as well.

It was a lot of fun watching the kids run and interact. You find who the introverts are and the leaders. And Bayle is outgoing, but in a group of his peers, he definitely does the following.

There was one little girl in particular who wanted to join in the fun, but any time that she felt she could not do what the other kids where doing, she would cry and run to her mother. And what gets me is this behavior is a direct result of her mothers' reaction. For example, there was a game where the kids would run and grab a rubber chicken from the feet of another child who in turn would have two foam sticks and try to tag the first child before they get the chicken. So because this little girl would cry when she got tagged, the mother would step in and get the chicken, then give it to her little girl. This little girl is being 'taught' that she cannot do anything without her mother doing it for her. Not this poor girls fault at all.

And I guess that every parent has their own way of raising their children, and I am not one to judge, I just felt so bad for this girl. Her mother is not always going to be with her. She needs to learn some interacting skills and how to stand up for herself. So with my son, I realize that I need to let go a bit more. He might be a bit of an introvert than others, but I need to let him find his own way. I will still try to guide him, but he needs to be the one doing the 'doing'.


Friday, May 30

A little flustered

So my son is getting ready to finish his first year in school...kindergarten...and the school is not going to celebrate. They are not planning any kind of graduation or ceremony for them. I don't understand why. This is a big step for these guys.

So while the other schools around us are celebrating with caps and gowns...the kindergarten teachers had to get together and come up with something for our kiddos. In our case, we will give out certificates and celebrate with an ice cream party. Silly, yes. But hopefully they still feel like they they are being celebrated.

Monday, May 26

A little time...

So most of yesterday I had the house to myself and decided to pop out a few pages! Enjoy!

This first one is from Pamela's group in myspace. It is her 100th sketch.
These are some cards that I made for Get Your Scrap On

Friday, May 23

Wiping away the tears

I am soo freaking happy!! It started Wednesday night when they announced the winner of American Idol!! David Cook totally deserves it!! And then I just got done watching Grey's and I am in love with Derek! He is such a great guy! It was a great season finale, everyone kissing!!! I am so very proud of Cally getting past her block and kissing her gal pal. Meredeth finally making a decision (she better stick with it, Derek deserves her best!!) The chief standing up to his wife and her taking him back. Izzy and Alex!! George and Lexie!! I was totally crying for the last 5 minutes of the show!!


Thursday, May 22

Thursday Thirteen 24

My brother turned 31 this May, so I thought I would jot down
things that he's done that I admire!

1. When he found out that he might be a dad, he was scared at the thought but did not run away from it. He took charge and got the DNA test done and accepted whichever way it went.

2. When the test came back positive, he jumped right in with visiting and getting to know this little boy.

3. He took the time to ensure that this little boy had his name and felt part of a 'full' family.

4. He set aside time to introduce Jacey to each family 'group' separately so as not to scare the little guy.

5. When it looked like Jacey was not getting the attention he needed at home, he went to the authorities and gained temporary custody.

6. He got Jacey the medical help that he needed (updating shots and such)

7. He then remembered that I stayed home during the day and hired me to watch over Jacey while he was at work. And this was doubly good, because I had Bayle at home for him to play with.

8. He proved to the authorities that he could give Jacey a good and stable home and won full custody.

9. Even being thrown into fatherhood and being a sole parent, he was able to keep a level head. This is hard for most of us to do!

10. He realized that Jacey was a little slow with his speach and got him into therapy within a few weeks.

11. He also found a special school that would help him catch up with the other kiddos.

12. He is now looking for a house that they can both move into and enjoy.

13. No matter what, Jacey is his number one concern. You can see how much this little guy has affected him and changed him into becoming the man that he is today. I am very proud to have him as a brother!

Monday, May 19

My own special day!!

More Fun Quizzes at

Friday, May 16

We have SHARKS!!!!

So one of my hubby's biggest fancies, is to have his own fish tank. But not of those silly ones with purple and orange rocks with dragon rocks in it. He has always wanted one that he had to 'maintain' with real plants, and rocks, and wood and such. So this year for our anniversary, I 'let' him (his word, not mine) use some of our tax money to go crazy!

And I have to give it to him. He shopped around until he found just the right tank, until he finally settled on a 50 gallon tank with stand. Set the water in with a few plants and waited the week to get the first fish. And now we are shopping around for just the right fish.

Out of the ones that will live harmoniously together, we can have sharks!!! They are the coolest things! We picked out Bala Sharks and Red Finned Sharks! And Bayle picked out a Spotted Catfish (yes, the things that you throw back in the water when fishing because they are yucky!) I guess all of these fish are of the domestic versions...but it is still kind of cool to say that we have a shark in our fish tank!!


Loven it!

I cannot post the whole finished page, but I thought that I would put a sneak peak up until Sunday. Most of the page is made with my new toy!!!!


He loves his boxes!

Anyone who knows our cat Wonka, knows that he never passes up a chance to scrunch his furry body into any box that he may find.

It might be a box full of army men...

...a small toy bin...

...or even a deep bucket.

So when I bought my mothers day gift this weekend, I inadvertently closed the box back up. And Wonka was none to pleased that he was not able to jump in and play.

It is going to make a great scrapbooking page!!


Wednesday, May 14

La tee da tee da!

Happy Belated Mother's Day everyone!!

Over the weekend while the kids were gone, Brent and I just spent the day together! It was great just walking and talking with each other. We went shopping and then dinner and a movie. We should have more days like this, now that the kids are bigger. *hmmmm*

The kids came home on Sunday afternoon from Disney Land. It sounds like they had soo much fun. Bayle came home with a fever from going nonstop for five days. And Taylor has a nonstop headache from the altitude change. But they both said that they would still want to go again!

Since it was mother's day, Taylor wanted to stop at the store and get some flowers for me. It took her a few minutes to pick just the right ones, and ended up with some purple tulips. And what struck me the most was that even after her trip and all the stories that she would want to tell, she still took time to think of me on Mother's Day. She is an amazing young lady!

Speaking of Mother's Day, my daycare kids gave out some Mommie's Chip Cookies to all the mommies. It was also my weekly submition at Get Your Scrap On.

And in my previous post....I got a Cricut Expressions!!! And I have been playing with it a little but have not make anything really yet. I will be working on that this weekend though! Such a cool little machine and all of the fonts and shapes. I also went on ebay to look for chipboard but I was a little confused about the size, so I hope that I got the right one. It will get here this weekend, so we will see!

Hope that everyone is having a great week!!


Saturday, May 10

A gift

I got a Cricut Expressions yesterday!!! Yeah!! I have searched for projects, and learning videos, and now I am going to go play!! Wahoo!

A little sad...

So my kiddos left on Wednesday to Disneyland with my parents. From the daily phone calls they are having a blast!! Bayle is actually going on roller coasters, and Taylor took her first swim in the ocean! They are set to come home on Sunday, and I cannot wait! It is soo quiet here. No rustle and bustle of getting to practice or games. No nighttime movement of getting to bed. I miss them more than I thought I would. *sniff*

Monday, May 5

Amazing news!!!!

I made a Design Team!!!

It's the first time that I tried out for one, and was really not sure that my work was even good enough yet for it!! But I made it along with two other ladies!! So now, my 'new' work will be used as inspiration for others to go from!

And that means that I have also been sort of published!!! Wahoo!! My first assignment was to make 2 birthday cards using only four of the colors from a list of seven. And here it is:

Stop on over at Get Your Scrap On and see what they have cooking up for this week!


Saturday, May 3


It's National Scrapbooking Day!!!

So get out your pens and scissors and get scrappen!!

Friday, May 2


When taking Bayle to school, he likes to walk to his kindergarten room by himself (only maybe 50 feet away, but to show his independence!). And once he gets there he will set his bag in line and then play with the other kids until the door opens. I will usually stand by the car and watch until all of the kids have gone in. But just as the last child walks through, he will come running out and give me the "I Love You' in sign language. He does this every time, and it melts my heart!

I love being a mom!!!