My familia!

Saturday, May 31

We have been having some amazing weather here in Colorado lately!! And for the first Saturday in many, it is not raining!! And tomorrow it should be a little bit of the same! Wahoo!!

This last Thursday, Bayle had his first field day. And I was amazed at how many parents did not know what this was. I took for granted that every young child went through this, when many haven't. So for those parents, this was their first field day as well.

It was a lot of fun watching the kids run and interact. You find who the introverts are and the leaders. And Bayle is outgoing, but in a group of his peers, he definitely does the following.

There was one little girl in particular who wanted to join in the fun, but any time that she felt she could not do what the other kids where doing, she would cry and run to her mother. And what gets me is this behavior is a direct result of her mothers' reaction. For example, there was a game where the kids would run and grab a rubber chicken from the feet of another child who in turn would have two foam sticks and try to tag the first child before they get the chicken. So because this little girl would cry when she got tagged, the mother would step in and get the chicken, then give it to her little girl. This little girl is being 'taught' that she cannot do anything without her mother doing it for her. Not this poor girls fault at all.

And I guess that every parent has their own way of raising their children, and I am not one to judge, I just felt so bad for this girl. Her mother is not always going to be with her. She needs to learn some interacting skills and how to stand up for herself. So with my son, I realize that I need to let go a bit more. He might be a bit of an introvert than others, but I need to let him find his own way. I will still try to guide him, but he needs to be the one doing the 'doing'.



Mon-Mon said...

Glad you could keep perspective... I don't think any of us mean to judge and yet it's hard not to when you see something so blatantly not right (grin)...