My familia!

Thursday, May 22

Thursday Thirteen 24

My brother turned 31 this May, so I thought I would jot down
things that he's done that I admire!

1. When he found out that he might be a dad, he was scared at the thought but did not run away from it. He took charge and got the DNA test done and accepted whichever way it went.

2. When the test came back positive, he jumped right in with visiting and getting to know this little boy.

3. He took the time to ensure that this little boy had his name and felt part of a 'full' family.

4. He set aside time to introduce Jacey to each family 'group' separately so as not to scare the little guy.

5. When it looked like Jacey was not getting the attention he needed at home, he went to the authorities and gained temporary custody.

6. He got Jacey the medical help that he needed (updating shots and such)

7. He then remembered that I stayed home during the day and hired me to watch over Jacey while he was at work. And this was doubly good, because I had Bayle at home for him to play with.

8. He proved to the authorities that he could give Jacey a good and stable home and won full custody.

9. Even being thrown into fatherhood and being a sole parent, he was able to keep a level head. This is hard for most of us to do!

10. He realized that Jacey was a little slow with his speach and got him into therapy within a few weeks.

11. He also found a special school that would help him catch up with the other kiddos.

12. He is now looking for a house that they can both move into and enjoy.

13. No matter what, Jacey is his number one concern. You can see how much this little guy has affected him and changed him into becoming the man that he is today. I am very proud to have him as a brother!