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Monday, September 6

Saving money idea

Bayle came up with an amazing idea the other night...and I am not really sure how it came about. He suggested that we go one night without electricity. Meaning, no TV, no lights, no music...just family time!

I love this!!!

We normally save Saturday evening for family night... playing games and enjoying the kiddos. So now, we will be doing it under candle lite~ Saving electricity is something that we have been trying to do recently...not using the AC during the day and turning it off when we go to bed. We bought the high efficiency light bulbs and placed them all over the house, we have the outside lights on a timer, and only have lights on in the house in the rooms that we are currently in. We use fans during the day and anytime there is a breeze outside the windows go open to bring the breeze in.

Our bill has gone as high as $240, and we now have it down to $120...And thanks to Bayle's idea...this one night may bring it down a few more $$.

I will blog a few pictures once we get going!!