My familia!

Sunday, September 28

A few pages

Here are a few pages that I have gotten done these past few weeks. They are all for Tyler's book. I was trying to clean up my area the other day and I have 4 boxes of pictures that I need to scrap for all of the kiddos. And they are just taking up space. So now, I am in a rush to get their books updates and make more room...for more pictures!!! lol Enjoy!

Monday, September 22

Weekend update

I heard from my mother, through voice mail that is. They all made it through okay. No power and most of the phones were down. I don't know if there was any water damage, but they live on the west side of Houston and Ike seemed to hit more on the eastern side. I was very happy to hear that they were safe, but many did not come out so lucky. And there is so much more to do to clean everything up.

On Saturday, we were out and about with football, soccer, and cheer leading games. The kiddos played great. Taylor is made for cheer leading and she looks so natural. She is the third one in from the back.

Bayle's football team is soo dang funny to watch. These short kiddos with big heavy helmets trying to run and tackle each other. He has fun though. And enjoys the games more than the practices. (He is number 56)

Sunday we took our Fall pictures of the kids, they turned out so great! I need to fix a few, but I will post them this week. Oh, and I also cut off more than 8 inches of my hair this weekend. My hair has never been this short...maybe in Jr High... I will post a picture of the new do when the sunburn fades from my face. (I forget just how much sun does come through those clouds)

Thursday, September 18

Eye Opener

An actual conversation

(hubby is walking through the door)

Me: Hello

Him: Hey

Me: {half serious-half smiling} Where have you been? You said you were going to the store for milk, and that was an hour and a half ago.

Him: Really?!

Me: Yep

Him: I went to the book store first. (He LOVES the book store)

Me: Oh...What did you get?

Him: Stuff.

Me: Your not going to show me?

Him: {after a few seconds} What I spend my extra money on is my business.

Me: {a little caught off guard} is. Your really not going to show me?

Him: {smiling} Do I have to?

Me: Why wouldn't you want to?

Him: Hmmm...

Saturday, September 13

My prayers are with her

My mother lives in a suburb of Houston and if you have been watching the news, they were hit with Hurricane Ike last night. So far from the news, Galveston was hit and flooded but now the water is receding back into the Gulf.

My mother lives in a trailer home, but was able to pack up and stay with her mother who lives about 20 minutes away. I did talk with her yesterday afternoon and they were ready for the storm to hit (water, can food, camping cooker, etc). But she only has a cell phone, no landline phone. So now, we have no way to know if they are okay. But the plan is that she will try every hour to get a line out (if the towers happened to stay up) and let someone know.

Watching CNN, so far there are only 3 fatalities. But it is still very early. In my heart, I believe that she and Granny are in a 'safe' structure, and they will mostly only see water damage. But we don't know for sure, so my prayers are with her...

Friday, September 12

Send some wishes!

A friend of mine, Keekah, is celebrating her birthday this weekend. So if you have a moment...please stop by and wish her a happy birthday in one of the comments!!

Tuesday, September 9


Like....I totally cried watching the Hills last night. Tears and eye liner running down my cheeks while Lauren spoke those words... "I don't want to make you be my friend. I just want you to be my friend." *sniff*

{forward to this morning, back to being the adult}

After watching, I realized that there is not much different between what they are going through and what most of us go through. Friendships need work from both sides and an understanding that there are priorities in each others lives that, at times, will get in the way.

Plainly, friendships are just hard to keep, no matter the age. What changes is the maturity in which we view them.