My familia!

Tuesday, September 9


Like....I totally cried watching the Hills last night. Tears and eye liner running down my cheeks while Lauren spoke those words... "I don't want to make you be my friend. I just want you to be my friend." *sniff*

{forward to this morning, back to being the adult}

After watching, I realized that there is not much different between what they are going through and what most of us go through. Friendships need work from both sides and an understanding that there are priorities in each others lives that, at times, will get in the way.

Plainly, friendships are just hard to keep, no matter the age. What changes is the maturity in which we view them.


Anonymous said...

Tru dat. Though, hon, you do know it is just tv right?

LOL. It's no 90210... remember those nights?