My familia!

Thursday, September 18

Eye Opener

An actual conversation

(hubby is walking through the door)

Me: Hello

Him: Hey

Me: {half serious-half smiling} Where have you been? You said you were going to the store for milk, and that was an hour and a half ago.

Him: Really?!

Me: Yep

Him: I went to the book store first. (He LOVES the book store)

Me: Oh...What did you get?

Him: Stuff.

Me: Your not going to show me?

Him: {after a few seconds} What I spend my extra money on is my business.

Me: {a little caught off guard} is. Your really not going to show me?

Him: {smiling} Do I have to?

Me: Why wouldn't you want to?

Him: Hmmm...


mmkeekah said...

He is being so enigmatic...

Mommie said...

So what was it!!! What's up with the cliff hanger...:-(