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Wednesday, May 14

La tee da tee da!

Happy Belated Mother's Day everyone!!

Over the weekend while the kids were gone, Brent and I just spent the day together! It was great just walking and talking with each other. We went shopping and then dinner and a movie. We should have more days like this, now that the kids are bigger. *hmmmm*

The kids came home on Sunday afternoon from Disney Land. It sounds like they had soo much fun. Bayle came home with a fever from going nonstop for five days. And Taylor has a nonstop headache from the altitude change. But they both said that they would still want to go again!

Since it was mother's day, Taylor wanted to stop at the store and get some flowers for me. It took her a few minutes to pick just the right ones, and ended up with some purple tulips. And what struck me the most was that even after her trip and all the stories that she would want to tell, she still took time to think of me on Mother's Day. She is an amazing young lady!

Speaking of Mother's Day, my daycare kids gave out some Mommie's Chip Cookies to all the mommies. It was also my weekly submition at Get Your Scrap On.

And in my previous post....I got a Cricut Expressions!!! And I have been playing with it a little but have not make anything really yet. I will be working on that this weekend though! Such a cool little machine and all of the fonts and shapes. I also went on ebay to look for chipboard but I was a little confused about the size, so I hope that I got the right one. It will get here this weekend, so we will see!

Hope that everyone is having a great week!!



Jen Glover said...

Thanks so much for stopping over at The Coconut ScrapShop's MB. It's so much fun to have new people, especially fun scrappers like you! Please come back soon! Hugs! Jen