My familia!

Friday, May 16

We have SHARKS!!!!

So one of my hubby's biggest fancies, is to have his own fish tank. But not of those silly ones with purple and orange rocks with dragon rocks in it. He has always wanted one that he had to 'maintain' with real plants, and rocks, and wood and such. So this year for our anniversary, I 'let' him (his word, not mine) use some of our tax money to go crazy!

And I have to give it to him. He shopped around until he found just the right tank, until he finally settled on a 50 gallon tank with stand. Set the water in with a few plants and waited the week to get the first fish. And now we are shopping around for just the right fish.

Out of the ones that will live harmoniously together, we can have sharks!!! They are the coolest things! We picked out Bala Sharks and Red Finned Sharks! And Bayle picked out a Spotted Catfish (yes, the things that you throw back in the water when fishing because they are yucky!) I guess all of these fish are of the domestic versions...but it is still kind of cool to say that we have a shark in our fish tank!!