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Wednesday, March 25

I blame it on the Penguins

Is it a terrible thing that I wait to feed my kitties an extra half hour so that they will cuddle? They will only come out of hiding when they are hungry, and really the only time that I can sit with them and enjoy petting them. Oh well...that is what kitties do, everything on their terms.

So this last weekend had some great moments and not so great moments. We started out Friday night by picking up the two kiddos (first weekend since Christmas that we have had all four together) and meeting at the puppy park. It was such a nice day that time flew by and two hours later we split into two cars to get dinner and movies. We ended up watching "Role Models"...a completely inappropriate movie for anyone under 17. But my husband felt that he could have them turn their heads for those parts. Not even close. Bayle, thank goodness was in his room watching his own movie.

I kept looking at Brent like "seriously". There was no covering eyes quick enough and the language was horrible. Maybe I am a bit prude in a way, but I think that kids are growing up way too fast. And it's up to the parents to allow kids to stay kids for as long as they can! He and I definitely differ on this subject. So, I got up and walked to another room. I could not keep watching it. He ended up turning it off...

Saturday we got up and went to see an early showing of 'Knowing'. Amazing movie!!! And the graphics were unbelievable. It had a bit of a Sci-fi ending, but I liked it! We went out for lunch and shopped a little bit. Amanda was invited to Prom his year, so we went looking for some dresses, and it was nice. She let me in a little bit! And for any step-mother, that is the most that we can hope for!! :)

We ended our weekend by doing an impossible puzzle. We can usually do one in a few hours, but this one had different shades of blue and a ton of penguins. It was soo hard, even today it still sits half done on the table.


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