My familia!

Friday, March 6

I'm going to Florida!!!!!

My husband works for the major phone company here in Colorado...I would say most of the central US. Anyway, they have 190 stores throughout and my hubby was named the number 2 manager for the year 2008! Which means that he won the COE award (Circle of Excellence) and gets a all encompassed trip to Hollywood, Fl.!!! (Fort Lauderdale/Miami area)
So it will just be me and the hubby with the hotel on a strip of land with the ocean in all it's glory in our 'backyard'! We are going to go deep sea fishing, going to the Everglades.....the SPA!!!!! Oh my gosh, I am soo excited! We don't go until the end of April which gives me 7 weeks to be swimsuit ready. And a can't go and not be a little

Oooo...and on the hotels site, in the upper left corner is a live feed I can call me kiddos (who will be staying with my parents), have them look at the link and I can wave to them from Florida! How cool is that!!!

I am soo proud of the hubby who did work really hard to get where he is...this is just the icing!!! Yeah!!!