My familia!

Tuesday, March 18

Spring is welcome...anytime!!!

Dearest Weatherman ~

We are soo ready for the snow to go away and spring to come and stay. We have had a couple of great days, but it turns right around and gets cold again. We are tired of the snow, and brown grass, and no leaves. We need some color, and the sun to come out and play! We want to go outside and run and ride our bikes.

And with Easter right around the corner, how will the Easter Bunny hide our eggs outside if there is snow or frost on the ground? And the Bunny's poor paws, he will be so so cold.

So please, when you get on TV tonight, please tell us that the cold has moved out. Please tell us that it will only get warmer each day until Summer arrives. Please tell us that we will be wearing shorts again very soon.

If you do this, We promise to be on our best behavior! We will do all of our chores, and be nice to our sister. We will pick up all our toys and not run in the house.

But if you do decide to say that there is a chance of snow, I will say a prayer for you. 'Cause my mom's going to be soo mad.

Thank you,
The kids!