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Monday, June 23

Going home

I live in Colorado, but my home will always be Oklahoma!! I could do without so much humidity, but so many memories of my childhood are there, so going back is a trip down memory lane.

During our trip down there, we stayed with my SIL and she lives out in the country. So the kiddos had a blast playing with the horses and ducks. Bayle was ecstatic that he was able to step outside and catch frogs and grasshoppers. And they also learned very quick what poison ivy looked like... :)

On my last day there, we decided to go to the lake and play on the Seadoo. And WOW!! We had so much fun on that. The kids took turns riding with my older nephew, Brant, and then it was time for the adults to try. Brent got on first and almost toppled the thing over (I have a video of that but have been threatened by divorce if it ever surfaces). LOL My younger nephew, Brody, wanted to drive it, so I sat behind him and he just went. He took sharp turns and had the Seadoo jumping the waves! So much fun! In the picture to the left, it is Bayle and I riding and Brent and Brody, waiting for us to come in.

I had to fly back Monday night for work while the hubby and kiddos stayed for a couple more days. So with my nights open and the house quite, I was able to get a few pages done! Although I have not taken pictures yet, I will get them up soon. I am currently working on challenges for Sisterhood of Scrap and The Coconut Scrapbooking. If you have not yet taken a look, definitely take a gander. There are some incredible pages being done!

Here are a few extra pictures of the trip:

More later!! Loves


Melanie said...

That looks and sounds like such a fabulous time!!

BK said...

It seems that you and your kids had a lot of fun! The last time I rode a seadoo, it was like 8 years ago. That was one memorable experience as I lost my spectacle in the sea. LOL!

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