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Friday, June 13

Leaving on a jet plane...

Actually, I'm coming back on one, but we are leaving for Oklahoma in about an hour. Yeah!!

Our last trip down there was fraught with car trouble and a quick depletion in funds. Our van had started going kooky near in the middle of nowhere Kansas. It was almost midnight and it took almost an hour to get a tow truck and get us to a small town. We ended up staying overnight and having the van patched up so that we could make it the rest of the way. And the depletion of funds went to the mechanic's in Oklahoma City. :-(

This trip, we planned a bit better! We are renting a van and...well...that is about it. So say a little prayer for us and I will be back on Monday!! Have a great weekend!!




Have fun on your trip and thank you for leaving me a comment in my chat box.

Leslie said...

I hope you guys have fun! your blog is beautiful! i was just hopping through :)

mommie said...

Have a great vacation!!!