My familia!

Thursday, July 3

Slug Bug game

Most of us in our childhood would play some form of the "Slug Bug" game. We would either punch our siblings legs when one would drive by or just count up points. And I'm not sure how our family started this, but we have added certain cars, colors, and extra points...and a voting system. lol On our recent trip to OK, it took us 15 minutes to explain to the cousins how the game worked. So, I thought I would just jot it down for memories sake...

Points -
1 - New version Slug Bug
1 - PT Cruiser
1 - Orange car
1 - Car Carrier - but it must be carrying a car that can be driven on the road (no car - no point)
1 - FJ Cruiser

2 - Hummer
2 - Motorcycle Cop (helps the driver)
2 - Classic Slug Bugs
2 - Mini Cooper

Bonus Points
add 1 - Convertible
add 1 - for orange

Example -
Classic Slug Bug convertible orange = 4 points
Orange truck car carrier with one car = 2 points

Voting = all family members need to be in the car to listen to pros and cons of any additions or changes to the current rules. In order for any addition or change, there must be a majority vote in favor.

Exceptions - Every family member can change or add to the existing rules on their birthday weekend only without a vote.

Whew~ I think that is everything...but this way all the kiddos feel like
they have a say in how the 'family' game works!

Do you play the 'Slug Bug' game or another car game? Would love to hear
what other families are doing!!!