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Thursday, July 24

S O T Z 4

I have been wearing the same pair of glasses since 1999. They were only used for driving at night and working on the computer. So when I took my daughter in to get her eyes checked, I went ahead and did mine as well. Her prescription turned out to be for astigmatism and slight far sidedness in one eye. Mine on the other hand, more than doubled. :(

Anyway, the office called to say that the glasses were ready and she and I went in to fit them. We got there and she asked me to turn around and look to the back of the store and WOW!! I didn't realize that people could see that far!!! And that clear!! It's awesome!



mmkeekah said...

You know what's better?

Wait for it... wait for it...


Pamela said...

Ha...too funny. My eyesight keeps getting worse too.

Cathy said...

I need to have mine checked again. Its been about 4 years for me.