My familia!

Thursday, February 12

Creative Cooks

This past weekend my kiddos competed in a 4H "Creative Cooking" contest and did amazingly well for their first time!! Bayle did his Dragon theme and made vanilla pudding with red food coloring and worms...yummy enough for any dragon!! And Taylor and the hubby spent all night the night before perfecting her chili which won her 2nd place in her age group! So for it being her first time competing and still coming in second is amazing! Very, very proud of her! Oh, and she also won the kitchen helper award! And after all of the fuss and stress, they want to do it again next year!

Here are some other 'tables' that competed!

"A Tail Gate Party"
"Campfire Cookout"
(I could totally throw a triple with this gun!!)
"Breakfast in bed"