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Friday, February 20

How time flies

It was not too long ago that turning on your TV ment standing up and walking over to pull the knob out. You only had 4 or 5 channels to choose from and each channel had to be adjusted using the 'bunny ears'. There was only one TV (in most homes) and it was located in the main living area. We had home phones that hung by the cord on the wall, although there was always a spare rotory dial somewhere around the house. And kids had toys and played outside for hours until the street lights came on and it was time to come home.

Fast forward to today. We can pause TV to view at our liesure, watch TV in almost every room of the house, talk on the phone while driving to the store, and our kids are always asking for the most updated gaming system out there.

It is crazy to think that in just one generation, so much of the technology has changed. And it has changed the way that we live. I grounded my daughter last week and she thought it was an atrocity that we would take away her cell phone. My husband can work from home from his phone on his days off. Last night, our computer would not boot up, so I grabbed my phone and logged onto Facebook to 'farm' ( a silly application that I feel I need to keep up on because I have made $800,000 in fake It's crazy...

All of this in one generation...where will we be when our kiddos have kids? Where will technology take us?