My familia!

Thursday, August 28

Thursday Thirteen 26

Thirteen Reasons why I Scrapbook

1. To keep a family album
2. To document our family history
3. So that the kids will remember
4. So that they can tell their children
5. It is my creative outlet
6. Scrapbook supplies are cheaper than shoes
7. I get to hide away for hours at a time with no distractions
8. Twice a year I leave on a 'Vacation' for the weekend to a scrapbook retreat
9. It's time that I get to talk with adults
10. When I am scrapbooking, I am not thinking about food. No snacking, and that is always great for the diet!!
11. I can network online with other scrapbookers
12. Challenges
13. And my kids want to come in and help create their pages for their books.

Happy TT!!


Lori said...

I keep saying I'm gonna start scrap-booking, but never do. I've eve purchased supplies, but just can't seem to get started. So, I admire your dedication (smile).

YummY! said...

I kept a scrapbook once. At least I CALLED it a scrapbook. It was just a bunch of pictures I cut out of magazines and glued in.