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Wednesday, August 27

Christmas in July

I am a freak when it comes to carpet know, the marks that the wheels make when you are sweeping the carpets...I LOVE them. I got this from my mother who would demand that there be marks when she got home from work. And I do agree...they just make the room look more organized and 'finished' than it really is!

So for years, we have bought $100 Sweepers, and invested in a nice steam cleaner. Kind of defeats the purpose, I know...but I was saving up for a Dyson. And I finally got one. This past July, my husband announces, after the current sweeper fails to do it's job again, that we were leaving to go shopping for another one. I thought it was going to be just the same 'ol sweeper type again, but we came home with a beautiful purple Dyson!!! One of the first models, but after one sweep through the house, I was amazed at how much it picked up *grossed out really*. And....drum role please.....

It already puffs up the carpet enough to show

Ahh....this is heaven! :)