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Wednesday, February 13

Thursday Thirteen 17

Thirteen Things I adore about my Husband

13. He texts me in the middle of the day just to say he loves me!

12. Even though he doesn't like to buy flowers because they die after just a few days...he does anyway, because it makes me smile.

11. The way he purposed!!

10. When we are sitting on the couch, he will lean over and rub my back.

9. How he looks at me.

8. His kisses.

7. He completed our family.

6. He would never admit it...but he loves to watch sappy movies with me!!

5. When I am away for the weekend, he sends me pictures via cell phone so that I do not get homesick.

4. He believes in me and supports me in what I do.

3. He's Old fashioned. He still opens the car door for me!!

2. His first word ever to me....
Him - "Do you wear contacts?"


Him-"Your eyes are amazing!!"

1. Out of the many women out there...he picked me!!

I love you BD!!


MondaythroughSunday said...

Beautiful! Perfect Valentine for him! Happy Valentine's Day!

Dane Bramage said...

He sounds like a keeper! Thanks for visiting my 67th edition 13 Romantic Tips (from a single man's perspective)

M said...

that's fantastic. (-:

Happy Valentine's Day

amy said...

beautiful list...Hope to visit here again..great blog

AJ Chase said...

I love seeing all the husband love today.