My familia!

Friday, February 15

Stop the bus, I want to get off!

It's going around. Everyone is getting sick. Fever, cough, congestion, aches and pains. And it's only a matter of time before we all come down with some sort of version of the cold. Well... I ended up with Bronchitis. :(

The medicine they gave me has taken away most of the symptoms, but the side effects are crazy weird. My hands are shaking, eyes are on constant refocus, and I cannot stay standing for more than 2 minutes without getting nauseas. I look around the room, and it takes a few seconds before the room catches up. It's like I am constantly tipsy without the booze.

And the double whammy...I have no taste buds or sense of smell. And on Valentine's Day!!!!! I can eat the chocolate, but without the taste, what's the point??!!