My familia!

Sunday, February 10


Hello! My name is Christina (or Nina for those that have known me for some time). I am a married mommie of two...sometimes four...well maybe seven...I guess if you add my would be mommie of eight. My husband had two kids, Amanda and Tyler from his first marriage..I had Taylor and we had Bayle together. His, mine, and ours!

I am what you would call a scrapaholic. I have been scrapping for about 9 years. I got into it through my sister and and step-mother and have been addicted ever since! I finally have my own little space where I can branch out and not have to put everything away when I take a break. Yeah!!!!

I am continuing this blog from my myspace mostly because I cannot link certain sites...blah. But I am also following in in sister scrappers look around and enjoy!!