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Thursday, November 13

Mom Dot Christmas of Dreams Day 1 and 2

MomDot Christmas of Dreams Blog Party is hosting a party for the next few weeks. Its so easy to get caught up in our own blogs, that sometimes we need to find a way to interact amongst each other.

I am joining in a day late...but here it goes!

Introduce us to your family and share Holiday pics or videos of past years (Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving)

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Let's see. There is my husband whom I married 7 years ago. I had a daughter of my own at the time and he had two from a previous marriage. So we started our life as a pre-made family. Nine months after the wedding came our youngest son. Amanda will be 16 this month, Tyler is now 13, Taylor will be 13 this month, and Bayle will be 7. We have two kitties, Wonka and Tipsy.

Taylor, Tyler, Amanda, Bayle, and the Hubby!

Just the kiddos Trimming the Tree


Thanksgiving is always spent with my Mom and Dad's family. We come in from all over the state to celebrate. The women are usually talking and helping with the feast and the men folk find themselves plopped on the couch watching football :) ! Although depending on the weather, they will step out to re-live some deep set image of each other playing professional ball! :)

My brother Dusty, Amanda, Dusty's son Jacey, and the Hubby

Christmas is a whole other story. It starts on the Eve when we pick up the kids and drive around to look at lights. There are a couple of neighborhoods that have little contests, and it's always a fun time to drive up and down to see the 'show'. After a few hours of this, we head home to make hot chocolate (with marsh mellows), make cookies, and read 'Twas the night before Christmas'. We get cleaned up and say our good nights and head to bed.

Although, this is where my night begins! I start by finishing the wrapping of the gifts. I know, I know, not really a tradition, but every year I end up with some to wrap, and I expect and plan for it, so there for, it fits under tradition. lol I take down our stockings and start to fill them with the various gifts for each child. The boys always get a Hot Wheel car as Daddy's signature gift. I try to buy the big candy canes that are filled with M& M's...but they get sold fast. Each get their favorite candy and assorted treats. And then Santa comes. The Hubby really gets into this part. Placing them just right so that everyone can see as they walk out. And we finally make it to be about 1am or so.

Christmas morning, our alarms go off about 6am. I will get out muffins or dognuts for breakfast and we wake the kids. We have the kids eat breakfast in the 'boys' room and about 7am make the long awaited walk to the living room. They will walk in order of hight and put their hands over the eyes of the kiddo in front of them. And then on a count of 3, they lift! We look at Santa stuff, grab their own stocking and claim a spot in the living room. I usually play Santa and hand out gifts. We open, say thank you, and then for the rest of the

Yeah...this is fun...come back tomorrow for Day 3 and if you would like to join, hop over to!!


Tena said...

you have a beautiful family and I loved reading up on your family traditions!

Melissa said...

love the tree trimming photo! Great looking family!!!

Amy said...

I love the tradition of making the kids walk out in order of height with their eyes closed. It sounds so cute!

Melissa said...

What great traditions you have! Cute photos too!

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

Sounds like a holiday I'd love to be a part of! Here's My Day 2!

Staci said...

Sounds like a lot of great traditions! Beautiful photos!

sandy said...

great family

CompleteLee Blogger said...

Love the little trees on the wall beside the photographs in your tree decorating picture! Reminds me of here where we are always hanging up random kid creations!

3 Kids and Us said...

Wow you set an alarm for Christmas morning? Our kids are the alarm. lol

Tracye said...

Oh, I love the pictures!

And your traditions!

Jaime @ Just Add Laughter said...

Great photos!

Tracye said...

love the pictures! your traditions sound like fun! i can't imagine having to wake the kids on christmas morning... our girl (she's six now, the boy is almost two) wakes us, so excited that santa came!

Lilith Silvermane said...

What a large family! It must mae the holidays delightful! Thanks for sharing.

Rita @ My Precious Pennies said... guys set alarms for christmas day? that's dedication!