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Thursday, November 27

MomDot Christmas of Dreams Day 12

MomDot Christmas of Dreams Blog Party is hosting a party for the next few weeks. Its so easy to get caught up in our own blogs, that sometimes we need to find a way to interact amongst each other.

Sponsors: Day Twelve Blog Party Question is Brought to you by Georgie Tees and Mutsy.

I'm Thankful this year because...

I am Thankful for the blessing of being able to pray to the God of our choice.
I am Thankful for those men and women who are fighting for our country.
I am Thankful for the change that this country is willing to make.
I am Thankful for the life that I am able to lead.
I am Thankful that my children can choose who they want to be.
I am Thankful for family living so close.
I am Thankful that my family that is healthy.
I am Thankful for my Husband and children who make me who I am.
I am Thankful for my friends.
I am Thankful for a day to remember about all of the things to be Thankful for!!

Happy Turkey Day!!


Tena said...

Happy Thanksgiving

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

What beautiful things to be thankful for. I couldn't agree more.