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Monday, December 1

A one-two kick

So both of my kiddos turned a year older yesterday. Yep, they share a birthday 6 years apart, and up until this year, it has been easy to juggle. And I guess, this year really wasn't soo bad, I am just realizing how much harder it's going to get.

They both want big parties with all of their friends and games and prizes, etc. Last year, we threw a Murder Mystery Party for Taylor with clues and a fancy dinner. All the girls dressed up as their character and played their parts. Bayle had the Transformer Party where all the boys had to go through Transformer Training and in the end they got awards. Both of these parties took a lot of work and time and honestly I just don't want to do it again. Although it would be unfair of me to say they can no longer have parties, they did agree to switching off between years. Yeah!! :)

So now, one will have the big party and the other a smaller one with just a few friends. They rolled Rock, Paper, Scissors and it looks like Bayle will have the big one this year. And he wants a Wii party. How easy is that!! He gets the bigger party and he picks one that is soo easy for me to plan. lol But Taylor still wants her sweet 16 party, so the parties will stay as is!

Easy :)


Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

My kids are 3 years apart but the birthday's are 2 weeks apart. Between their birthdays fall both mine and my husband, so the whole family is full of Aries. I have no idea how we're going to handle it, I'll have to use you as a reference!

Dinah said...

wow, you are one cool mom! and im sure your kids love you more each time for all your wonderful efforts in making their bdays memorable!

Ari from said...

Wanted to stop by and thank you for running the ad for my blog Parental Instincts today.

It looks great, and I’m pleased to be featured on such a great looking site.

Have a good day!

Mommie said...

Hey, wanna come plan my daughters party! Lol, it's cake and ice cream, that's it this year! You're like the super parent...I'm in awe.


Pamela said...

Saw your comment...No it's not too late to go for the DT! Sned it in! :)