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Wednesday, November 25

I'm back blog again. I guess I did not make the 30 blogs in 30 days... *sniff* But I cannot say that it was completely my fault. You see...they upgraded the internet in our area from 'drag your feet on the floor slow' to the fastest and our modem would not handle it. So I could get onto the internet, but could not post anything. Seriously, Facebook would time out trying to post a status or even go to the link to tend to my farm...which is being neglected still... Getting to other sites took forever to load and I just decided to take a break for a couple of I had a lot of packing to do...

Which brings me to say....WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!! This is the thing that I could not want to blog about before...not that I am superstitious...well maybe a little...but I did not want to get my hopes up if anything were to go wrong. We signed the papers on the 10th, painted that weekend, and moved in that next week...we have the apartment until the 30th so we are still making small trips back and forth to get things over and clean up. And in the new home...the internet works much modem and faster speeds!! Yeah!

But I wanted to pop on and update any of those that do occasionally pop over to see what is going on in my world. And I still want to do the 30 blogs in 3 days gosh I have plenty to blog about now!!!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!!


milon said...

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