My familia!

Tuesday, November 3

Just a bit of anticipation

Day 3 of the challenge and still going strong! Yeah!

And V starts tonight!

I love love Loved this show!! And I am hoping that it has the same 'impact' that it did way back when. I remember watching it with my mom and flipping out when the main 'visitor' pulled at her cheek and the skin pulled down. I shrieked back and was grossed out and even at the ripe old age of was one of the best shows that I had watched!

Right now the Syfy channel is showing the TV movie version, and the series and I have yet to watch them, but I did catch a few minutes of the 'lizard people' sunning them selves...their lips did not move, their voices sounded computerized, and I just keep this was one of the best shows out Let's hope that the effects are a little better managed this time around!! :) See you tomorrow!