My familia!

Wednesday, November 4

Darkness falls across the land...

Last week we had a crazy early snow storm that brought 4 feet of snow into some parts of the city. Normally, the first snow of the season starts on Halloween...(I grew up here and it ALWAYS kicked the season off by snowing...if only a drizzle) We had to plan our outfits around the size of our heavy jackets!!! Anyway, we live up north and thankfully only got about 2 feet of that!! But with that snow, comes the crazy drivers, and the slick roads, and icy windshields to defrost. Lol (right now I am parking outside the garage so that we can store some furniture) So this is what I walked out to that first morning...(and it still snowed for another two days)

Because of the snow all of the sports fields were closed that weekend and the games rescheduled. Taylor's cheerleading game was finally played last night and their long awaited halftime show was going to be revealed.

[This is where the video is supposed to show up but it has taken try after try after try. I am trying youtube one last I will update this post if it works...] :(

They did such a good job, I was tearing up as I watched them!!! They have been working for weeks on getting this dance down and they perfected it just in time!! We had them wearing masks and gloves that had little white fingers...and they did awesome!! That's all I can think of to say...we were so proud of them!!!