My familia!

Monday, November 2


So this year, Taylor decided that she wanted to spend Halloween with her girlfriends and not with the parentals...*sniff* I forget how big and mature that she is getting..I guess I'm just not ready to let the reins loose. lol So she went with her friends' mom and the Hubby and I took Bayle out.

He wanted to be a pirate, a transformer, the scary guy from Scream (only if I let him use the fake blood, some guy from GI Joe, and finally settled on a Darth Vader outfit. But he did not want to be Darth Vader.....he wanted to be Darth Skywalker. So this picture is with the mask..I asked him for one picture..and he didn't wear it the rest of the night. lol
As we were walking around the neighborhood, we found signs leading to a free haunted house and decided to hop on over. It ended up being one that a family had created in their garage. They had it set up like a CSI scene and would walk groups through. Bayle was really excited to be in front and promised that he would not be scared. And he made it almost the whole way through! And then as we were walking away, he wanted to do it again... my little tough man!!

This is my goofball son with his head in the bag looking for a certain type of candy... lol Hope everyone had a safe Halloween!!!